Eight raceless males stomp raceless male almost to death

Last Friday in Baltimore, eight young men of no description [correction: an updated version of the story describes the assailants as “homeboys”] attacked a man of no description (except that he’s a “tattoo artist”) holding him on the ground and repeatedly stomping him in the head, and he is now in a medically induced coma and fighting for his life from the head injuries. Authorities are mystified by the attack which appears to have no motive.

Liberals, are always looking for that mysterious, that evanescent and mystical motive, like Poe’s gallant knight always in search of Eldorado, or like O.J. Simpson still looking for the killer of his wife and Ron Goldman. Who said that liberals weren’t idealists?

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Nick D. writes:

The news station posted an image of the victim, described as a 32-year old tattoo artist, showing him to be a white pit bull owner — a thug, from all appearances. My inner cynic thinks if he were black, they would have shown a Sunday School choir photo from when he was twelve. An off-camera eyewitness, who was black, labelled one of the attackers a “homeboy,” from which we can infer they were also black; so really, the report didn’t try too hard to whitewash the race angle.

We should commend the station, WJZ, for its bold report today, nearly 100 hours after the crime occurred, imploring witnesses to come forward. My inner optimist wonders if there is a reason, conscious or subconscious, that they waited until Election Day - already buzzing with threats of racial violence - to run this story.

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