Speaking of blogrolls …

Charles G. writes:

Don’t know if you’ve seen this article by Gottfried at Taki’s, but it’s quite good.

Your website is listed on the side panel in their “favorites” column.

LA replies:

Isn’t that something that Taki, the funder, founder, and former publisher of The American Conservative, links me, the scourge of The American Conservative?

In any case, Paul Gottfried’s article is about the success of leftwing, paleo-libertarian, and paleo-con websites, while the center-right websites have been langishing.

But Gottfried gets something wrong. He says that Vdare gets over 52,000 hits monthly. Vdare is much bigger than VFR, and VFR has been getting lately (prior to August which has been slow) about 7,000 daily visits or about 210,000 visits per month or about 800,000 hits per month. What I just wrote was a guestimate, but it was close. In fact VFR got 812,368 hits in July.

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