The DREAM Act, by presidential fiat

Paul K. writes:

In your morning’s miscellany from Drudge, you quote a report that “the administration will stop deporting illegal aliens if they “meet certain criteria, such as attending school…’”

In other words, the DREAM Act having been voted down twice in the Congress, the administration will defy the will of the American people as expressed through their elected representatives and put the Act into effect by executive order. This is why talk of our great “democracy,” which derives its authority from the consent of the governed, is a sham. In all Western societies today, governments hew to the agenda of elite opinion and utterly disregard the values and interests of ordinary citizens. I really can’t see what standing our leaders have to deliver moral censure to the leaders of non-democratic nations.

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James R. writes:

I hope to be proven wrong but I doubt that there will be a mass mobilization to roll this back, as there would be if legislation were proposed. If you look at it, it’s worse than the DREAM Act (which itself was horrendous enough). I’d love to see the usual entities that stand in the way of amnesty measures work up a mass effort to demand this be undone immediately. I’d love to see mass protests against it, of the kind that would be needed to cause Obama to “reconsider” it. I’d love to see this become a major issue. But I predict this will not happen. There will be the level of grumbling about it that betokens not resistance to a policy, but submission to it.

I further doubt that even if a Republican President is elected, that President will rescind the executive order. Especially if it is an establishment Republican. He will be told, and tell himself, that it would alienate important and growing voting blocks, and so they will do nothing. The ratchet’s speed seems to be increasing.

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