Does McCain have the election won?

Ray G. from Dearbornistan writes:

It’s over.

I attended the McCain-Palin rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan yesterday. Thunderous applause for Palin. There’s something about her that conservatives/Republicans are hungry for. Americans love the fact that she showed contempt Wednesday night for the liberal-biased, “feminized” Hollywood/New York/Washington media elites. And of course, she skewered Barry Hussein Obambi royally—the Messiah with a thin resume.

Tough, friendly, down to earth, she’s actually lived life. Beauty queen, high school basketball star, airplane pilot, hunter, fisherman, member of city council, mayor, governor all the while having five children.

As much as I am luke-warm about McCain, he needs to be elected lest a smooth talking radical, with Islamic and communist leanings in his background and a USA hating radical wife, will acquire the keys to the White House.

Going out on a limb. Sarah Palin is the “X” factor. Also add in the “Bradley Effect” and this election is over.

LA replies:

You could well be right that she makes the difference and helps McCain win the election.

But as I said in a reply to Hannon in this thread:

As an exciting political personality, she may invigorate and energize people to vote Republican and help McCain win. But I don’t know what that would have to do with invigorating and energizing conservatism. We don’t even know that she has a conservative ideology, and, in any case, she is McCain’s lieutenant, and will only be articulating ideas that fit the McCain message.

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