The administration tries out an official story on Joe Sestak

A funny item by guest blogger Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin’s site about the White House’s latest effort to deal with the Joe Sestak problem. The White House is floating the story, via the New York Times, that former president Clinton, acting on behalf of the administration, offered Sestak, in exchange for his dropping out of the Senate primary race, “a prominent, but unpaid, advisory position.” The Times then helpfully informs us that offering to give a person an unpaid government position in exchange for a favor is not a violation of federal law.

Powers comments:

It seems like a believable story—I mean, who wouldn’t be convinced to give up their quest to become a United States Senator in return for a spiffy, uncompensated job title in an administration that may well be swept out of office in just over two years—sooner if nobody buys their explanation for this?

If it’s that easy I’m going to call Nancy Pelosi and convince her not to run for re-election by offering her a job as an unpaid volunteer at her plastic surgeon’s office and give her the title “Queen of the World.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 28, 2010 12:14 PM | Send

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