Has the elite liberal culture jumped the shark?

It has, at least, married itself to pure savagery and consummated the marriage. A phenomenon also known as White Negro-ism (thanks, Norman Mailer) and wiggerism.

This is an ad for National Public Radio, the government-funded, elite liberal radio station:


Kristor, who found the NPR ad, writes:

It’s an incredibly grotesque image, isn’t it? This is what the Establishment presents to us as the Ideal of American culture. But I think that they are over the top with this one. You push and push and push, and eventually the guy you are pushing will fall down, unless he decides to fight back. This has already happened to the Traditional West. It happened in ‘68, actually.

But the nihilist Left is essentially oppositional. They have nothing they can do but push. If you keep pushing when your adversary is already on the ground, eventually you will make yourself fall over. And I keep waiting for this to happen. When it does, your opponent will get to his feet again, or can.

It sometimes seems to me that the very existence of a traditionalist underground among the children of ‘68 is an indication that the nihilist Left is already falling, and the traditional Man of the West gathering his legs up so as to stand.

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Paul K. writes:

Like many cultural institutions, National Public Radio is no doubt alarmed about the fact that it appeals almost exclusively to liberal white people. It needs to increase listenership among blacks in order to feel good about itself. The image on the ad may be an attempt to encourage blacks to listen to NPR, but more importantly it is an attempt to make liberal whites think that they do. No activity is morally acceptable unless blacks are involved.

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