A reader who has not forgotten an injustice

Irv P. writes:

Front Page Magazine is asking for year end contributions to help “fight the battle.” I sent an e-mail telling them that I would not be a contributor again until David Horowitz explains why Lawrence Auster was “excommunicated.” I commented that you should be seen as a natural and valued ally in the struggle for America and that your banishment was an “affront.”

I have done this several times since he told you to “go away” and will continue to do so.

LA replies:

Thanks for this, it means a lot that someone remembers what happened and saw the wrongness of it and still demands an accounting. Not that I care about Horowitz as a person, but what he did was stunningly unethical.

Is it ok if I post this?

Irv P. replies:

Sure, post it.

I CARE about Horowitz because I have respect for his intellect, his writing and at times, his courage. This whole incident was about trading in courage and confusing friends and enemies.

By the way, the next time they ask for donations, I’ll suggest they contact David Mills. He’ll be sure to respond generously I’m sure!

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