Australian man murdered by black man in Detroit for trying to evict his daughter from apartment

(See follow-up story on the widow’s reaction to the murder.)

Australian property developer Gregory McNicol had recently purchased an apartment complex in, of all places, Detroit. A tenant, Ayana Young, 20, had not paid her rent in two months and also had been playing loud music and allowing unauthorized persons to stay in the apartment. When McNicol told her he intended to evict her, there ensued a “noisy argument” in front of the building between him and several women during which Ayana punched McNicol in the face and said, “I’m tired of you white people.” She also called her father (alternatively identified as her grandfather), Freddie Young, and subsequently informed the other women that her “grandfather” was going to come and “kill the dude.” Young, 62, a recent Mega Millions lottery winner, drove to the apartment complex, got out of his car with a gun in his hand, and told McNicol to “Watch your mouth.” When McNicol repeated that he wanted Ayana and her friends out of the apartment, Young shot him dead.

Young, according to all the reported facts, and as charged by the prosecutors, committed murder in the first degree. But I wonder if McNicol comes from the Australian town of Darwin, because, by continuing to talk to a black man who was threatening him with a gun, instead of immediately leaving the scene and calling the police, he surely earned the Darwin Award.

The story, posted at 7 News, an Australian station, says nothing about race. We only know about the race of the perpetrator and the victim because of Ayana’s statement, “I’m tired of you white people.” If the mainstream media clearly and consistently reported the truth about black violence and specifically about the ongoing campaign (which I have called a low-level intifada), of black violence against whites, instead of systematically concealing these vitally important facts from the public, McNicol might have known the score, behaved more prudently, and been alive today. We can only conclude from the liberal media’s cover-up of black-on-white violence that liberals are rooting for whites to continue winning the Darwin Award. Indeed, it would appear to be the one competitive area in modern society in which liberals want whites to surpass blacks.

Here is the article:

Lottery winner in court on Aussie’s murder

AAP [?]
May 27, 2011, 9:01 am

The millionaire US lottery winner accused of shooting dead Australian property developer Greg McNicol warned “watch your mouth” before firing the fatal bullet, a Detroit court has heard.

The evidence was part of chilling testimony presented at a hearing for 62-year-old Freddie Young on Thursday.

Young was part of a syndicate in Michigan that shared $US 46.5 million in a Mega Millions jackpot lottery in February, but the court was told he was upset at the way Mr McNicol, formerly from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, had treated his daughter, Ayana Young.

Ayana, 20, was living in an apartment complex in Detroit that Mr McNicol bought earlier in the year, however, she was two months behind on rent and was threatened with eviction.

Tenants testified Mr McNicol, on May 7, the day of his death, became involved in a heated argument at the complex with a group of women, including Young’s daughter.

The daughter phoned Young, the court heard.

The Detroit News newspaper reported after the phone call the daughter allegedly told the other members of the group her grandfather was going to come and “kill the dude”.

Witness, 14-year-old Mayakala Bell-Brown, testified Ayana first arrived at the apartment complex, punched Mr McNicol in the face and said: “I’m tired of you white people”.

Young then pulled up in a black vehicle, had a gun in his hand and confronted the Australian, the court heard.

“The man said, ‘Watch your mouth.’ Greg said he wanted them out of my house,” another tenant, Leola Brown, said, according to the Detroit News.

“Then he shot him.”

Detroit police believe the bullet severed a major artery near Mr McNicol’s groin.

Mr McNicol’s property manager Karen Rucker testified she and Mr McNicol had confronted Ayana about loud music and unauthorised occupants in her apartment.

Ms Rucker also said Young called her two weeks earlier and said “he didn’t want anyone disrespecting his daughter”.

Young was arrested almost a week after the shooting and has remained in custody.

He appeared in the 36th District courtroom on Thursday in handcuffs and dressed in a prisoner’s uniform.

At the end of the hearing Judge Patricia Jefferson ordered him to stand trial for first-degree premeditated murder and the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

He was remanded to the Wayne County Jail ahead of a June 2 arraignment.

If guilty of the murder charge Young faces a mandatory life sentence without parole.

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JB writes from Wisconsin:

Mega Millions winner?

So much for the theory that poverty causes violent crime.

Timothy A. writes:

This story fits the pattern described to me by Chinese friends who own rental properties in black neighborhoods in Cleveland: (1) Tenants often don’t pay rent and then refuse to be evicted; (2) When asked to leave, tenants and their family threaten violence; (3) Police refuse to become involved in issues (1) and (2).

Another typical behavior is that if/when the tenants actually do leave, they trash the property so that it is not fit for further rental.

Apparently, with the depression in real estate prices, there is good money to be made buying and renting out properties in poor neighborhoods in decaying American cities. But it is a very risky business.

James P. writes:

I love this tidbit from the Detroit News:

He had been a member of the P1 Gold Lottery Club, contributing $10 a week for a dozen years before hitting the big winner. The club took the cash option of $29 million, which after taxes could have resulted in even shares of $1.57 million apiece, according to Michigan Lottery officials. Young kept his U.S. Post Office job in Romulus, and apparently stayed in his run-down home near Coleman A. Young Municipal Airport. [emphasis added]

If you won $1.57 million in the lottery, and you were 62, would you keep your job? Personally, I would not, and I’m a lot younger than 62. Yet it seems that U.S. Post Office jobs are so undemanding that millionaire lottery winners want to keep them! I imagine that whatever motivation he had disappeared when he won the lottery, but he remained as difficult to fire or discipline as ever. What a wonderful employee he must have been!

The Australian story said that McNicol’s property manager was “Karen Rucker.” I am going to speculate that Karen is white, and say that if I were renting low-end properties to blacks, my manager would be a large, powerful black man, not a white woman. Let a black man deal with all the threats and complaints, collect the late rent, and evict the deadbeats. A white woman isn’t up to the task, and I sure wouldn’t want to do it.

Ed in Kanata (Ontario) writes:

The daughter was two months behind in the rent and facing eviction and the father was a multi-millionaire. What is wrong with this picture?

If I won the lottery my first reaction would be to share my good fortune with the family.

LA replies:

Ha! I missed that angle entirely.

Tim W. writes:

Liberals blame Detroit’s problems on whites. So it’s possible this murder will be blamed on white racism somehow. I think I sent you this link once before. It’s a Los Angeles Times article on the collapse of Detroit. On page two, whites get a share of the blame (along with deindustrialization and other non-racial factors) for the disaster that is Detroit:

“Racism plays a significant role too. Detroit’s white flight exploded in the 1950s and ’60s, after courts struck down local and federal policies that had allowed segregated housing.”

No mention, of course, of the violence unleashed by blacks in the wake of those segregated housing patterns ending. The truth is, whites fled the city because they were physically in danger and because the public schools and other institutions were destroyed by blacks.

LA replies:

“The truth is, whites fled the city because they were physically in danger…”

That is classic white racism.

James P. writes:

Tim W. notes that the LA Times said,

“Racism plays a significant role too. Detroit’s white flight exploded in the 1950s and ’60s, after courts struck down local and federal policies that had allowed segregated housing.”

The LA Times inexplicably does not mention what E. Michael Jones demonstrates in The Slaughter of the Cities, that “white flight” was the intended effect (malice aforethought!) of a government policy designed to break up Catholic neighborhoods and force Catholics into the suburbs where they would lose their ethnic and religious cohesion. Somehow the old WASP neighborhoods never suffered from “urban decay” or the need for integrated housing.

How dare whitey be so racist as to flee the crime and disorder that is deliberately inflicted on him!

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