Need for better information on health care bill

(Note: several readers have sent recommended articles.)

If anyone knows of a relatively short article that explains the health care bill (or one of its versions) as a whole, please send it to me. All the articles I’ve read on the subject so far, including some very informative articles, deal with this part and that part of the bill, not with how the parts fit together. I’ve touched the legs, I’ve touched the trunk, I’ve felt the shape of the ears and run my hands along the tusks, but I haven’t seen the elephant.

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Mike Berman writes:

Glenn Beck compresses the mystery into one easy pill here.

MGH, a female reader, writes:

Here is a very succinct analysis of the real issues in the Senate Health Care Monstrosity.

The author, Robert Tracinski, has done some really excellent analysis of various issues at his site, I was a subscriber several years ago (before VFR … ) He’s now gone somewhat mainstream and posts at Rush Limbaugh read the article over the air today.

Kathlene M. writes:

The Wall Street Journal has a helpful chart published on December 4 that compares the House’s health care bill to the Senate’s proposal. It’s not a detailed article but gives a good overall comparison.

Charles T. writes:

I found something you might want to look at. It is a list of what the bill will do to us.

Brad C. writes:

I don’t know if this covers all of the bill, but the Congressional Budget Office’s letter to Harry Reid contains a nice summary of the bill.

I used it to prepare a presentation for a college course I am teaching. I’ve attached the PowerPoint I made for that class to this e-mail. Feel free to use anything from it that you find helpful. The CBO letter is nice because it is only 36 pages (mostly tables of data), and it is done by a nonpartisan group. The focus of the letter is on whether the legislation would reduce the deficit, but it contains a very nice summary of what the legislation intends to do.

I discovered your website only a month or so ago, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Keep up the good work!

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