The Cain uproar continues

The L-dotters are on fire with the Herman Cain sexual harassment story. Many of them are denouncing Politico. Many are accusing other Republican candidates or Karl Rove of starting it. Many say they love Cain and will vote for him no matter what. I was unaware that he had won this kind of devotion. He seems to have become their new Sarah Palin. But then there are a couple of dissenting voices, like this:

Reply 59—Posted by: ChazzPalm, 11/1/2011 1:08:59 PM

Sorry … I like(d) Cain a lot but …

——many decades ago I was on the receiving end of a (utterly baseless) veiled sexual harassment threat from a subordinate and I remember it as clearly as if it happened this morning.

Mr. Cain’s denial/admission/unclear/clear/no-settlement/detailed/no-details responses in just the past 3 days are Wayyyy too much for me to accept.

For me——stick a fork in Mr. Cain——he’s done.

I didn’t post that because I agree with it. I’m just struck by the fact that someone thinks that.

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Evan H. writes:

Whatever happened to that Al Gore / masseuse story? Did that one just disappear, or did “they” decide she was lying, or what?

LA replies:

What did happen to it? It was in the news, everyone was discussing it, then it just disappeared, and no one noticed that it had just disappeared.

Frank T. writes:

“Whatever happened to that Al Gore / masseuse story?”

According to the San Jose Chronicle, the masseuse (now living in San Jose) told one of their reporters that the whole story was fabricated (2010/11/27).

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