The repeatedly arrested violent illegal alien who was never handed over to INS

The other day I mentioned the terrible murder of three young black college students who were suddenly surrounded in a Newark playground, lined up against a wall and shot execution style. It was assumed it was a black gang that did it. But it was a group of three illegal alien criminals from Peru, including 28-year-old Jose Larchire Carranza. Carranza’s story, detailed in the New York Post, is unbelievable: repeatedly arrested for serious violent and sexual crimes, and repeatedly released on bail, with the federal immigration authorities never being informed about him. It’s evident to me from this story that the judges and attorneys in the criminal justice system are alienated malcontents who deliberately or with depraved indifference unleash dangerous criminals onto society. As of yesterday the motive was not known. I mean of course the motive for the murders. The motive for Carranza’s repeated releases is known: hatred for society, sympathy for criminals and aliens, attitudes that are sacralized and routinized within significant sectors of the judicial and government establishment. You can bet that this is one type of “criminals in their coats and their ties” that Bob Dylan will never sing a protest song about.

Here’s the story about Carranza’s arraignment, though it’s copied at a blog and lacks citation. Here’s the New York Times article about the victims’ funerals yesterday, all three of which were attended by Gov. Jon Corzine and Sen. Robert Menendez, [sarcasm on] two mighty opponents of illegal immigration [sarcasm off]. Maybe now that three young black people have been mass murdered by illegal aliens and there’s all this public horror and fury and people asking, “why did this happen,” liberal America will finally feel motivated to do something about the vast hordes of criminal and illegal aliens in our midst. The “something” that has to be done is not mysterious. It’s called enforcing the law. I keep remembering my interview last year by Alan Colmes, who shocked me when he insisted illegal aliens were no more criminal than legal aliens, and, moreover (as I recall), that it was prejudicial to suggest otherwise.

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