School board candidate wants children to learn about the white men who founded America before they learn about MLK

Critics say that he is “hurting people.”

Of course it has never occurred to these same critics that to tell whites incessantly that they are racists is to hurt people. Why? Because in the liberal scheme of things, blacks (and other nonwhites) only exist to be made up to, while whites only exist to do the making up. In liberal society, as least as concerns racial relations, the normal sense of right and wrong has been replaced by white guilt.

KCTV in Kansas City, Missouri reports:

Parents concerned over school board candidate’s ‘white culture’ focus

Edward Stephens is a product of the Park Hill School District, and says he is running for an open seat on the school board to give back to the district. KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -

While the redistricting effort in Kansas City has received a lot of attention in the past several weeks, many parents are starting to look ahead to the upcoming school board elections in April.

And some parents have a lot of questions about one candidate in particular.

Edward Stephens is a product of the Park Hill School District and says he is running for an open seat on the school board to give back to the district.

“I feel like I owe it to my school district, the one I graduated from, to come back and again serve the people that had so much to do with my growing up and making me the man I am today,” said Stephens.

But some parents have voiced concerns about Stephens’ background.

On his Facebook page, Stephens is critical of the district curriculum, saying he has a problem with children learning about Martin Luther King Jr. before learning about their own customs or the white men who founded America.

And it is comments like that which raise red flags for Joseph Porras, who has two kids in the school system.

“Everyone is entitled to say what they want to say, but when it starts hurting other people then there is something wrong,” said Porras.

But Stephens defends those comments.

“I think we need to also pay attention to the white culture and white accomplishments. The vast majority of the Park Hill School District is white … it only makes sense to honor those things as well,” said Stephens.

Stephens also drew criticism for comments he made at a recent school board meeting in which one person who was there says he called special needs students “duds” and questioned why the school board wastes resources on them.

“I believe that the dividends we receive from funding special needs programs, funding lunch programs … I believe the payoff is minimal and it encourages the wrong kind of people into this district,” said Stephens.

Some parents have raised concerns about Stephens possibly being a white supremacist.

“I felt like I have made position very clear. I’m not white supremacist,” said Stephens.

In all, there are five candidates running for two open seats in an election set for April 3.

The other candidates running for office are Fred Sanchez, Chris Suefert, Allison Wurst and Casey Beane. All the candidates will be present at a forum March 13.

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