A very large number of entries have been posted this morning, on the GOP civil war and other things too. As I hope readers will see, I am an equal opportunity critic of both Romney and Gingrich. Yesterday in two entries (here and here) I condemned Romney very severely; today the focus is more on Gingrich again. I am not in either camp and you will find at VFR a wide variety of angles on both candidates. Both candidates are extremely flawed, and extremely dishonest—both are unacceptable in my view. However, we may feel compelled, by the sheer necessity of defeating Obama, to choose one or the other. In the entry, “A civil war about nothing,” I suggest a way for us to support one or the other of these candidates without throwing away our principles.

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James P. writes:

In “A civil war about nothing,” you wrote that the Republican battle is “a fight to the death over two candidates neither of whom has ever been a conservative in any consistent and serious sense.” As I previously noted, during Newt’s 20-year Congressional career, he consistently voted conservatively. A “Rockefeller Republican” would not have been constantly re-elected in Georgia. Many things he did after resigning from Congress are bizarre and indefensible, but to say he was not consistently conservative in Congress simply is not true.

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