Is Israel a Western nation?

The standard mainstream conservative defense of Israel is that we should be on her side because she is “the only democracy in the Mideast.” As a supporter of Israel against her mortal enemies in the Muslim lands, in Europe, and in the U.S., I have never used that expression. I don’t say we should support Israel because she is a democracy (what if she were a monarchy? would we not support her then?), but because she is a fellow Western country, and because she exists and has the right to exist, a right most of the world currently denies.

Of course the anti-Semites and the anti-Israel paleocons don’t agree that Israel is a Western country. They see Israel and the Jews as alien and antithetical to the West. They should look at Latma TV’s performance of “We Con the World.” Is not this brilliant and spirited satire quintessentially Western? And are not the people we see in this video—Westerners?

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Matthew Smith writes (from 12 hours east of Greenwich, June 10):

Auster, you must be bloody joking. All I saw were a bunch of smelly hook noses. The girl at 2.00 is a typical hideous ugly jewess recognisable as a jewess a mile away.

Don’t get well Jew—in fact, do the world a favour and die.

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