A substitute for “racist”

Buck O. writes:

This morning I read Media Matters Firing up Anti-Birther Machine by Kyle-Anne Shiver at American Thinker.

Apart from the “Birther” issue itself, what struck me—again, is the now prevalent use of the term “racially charged.”

The term “racially charged” seems to have freed up the liberals and their media—to allow them a more liberal use of this synonym or replacement term for “racism.”

These race hustlers or race baiters use the term “racially charged” to put any substantive disagreement out-of-bounds or to place it in a category that is more easily disparaged as racist and unworthy of respect. It’s very effective. The essential cowards among us will cringe and probably withdraw from making any argument once it has been labeled “racially charged” by a legally defined minority or a liberal.

Why? Because “racially charged” now means “racist.”

This morning I googled “racially charged” and found over 300,000 results. Each one (it’s so obvious) can simply be replaced with either “racist” or “race” and the intended meaning remains. If you add “defined” to the search, the results diminish slightly, but there is no definition. Add “definition” and the results drop to double digits, but, still, there is no definition.

Why is there no definition to be found for “racially charged”? Because it is redundant.

It is also a repugnant fraud that is so typical of modern liberals. They change the meanings of words or they change the words to confuse or camouflage their meaning.

LA replies:

I have more to write about the birth certificate issue, including dealing with new information that has come up. But it’s a complicated issue and I haven’t been able to get to it.

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