Barnhardt against the regime

I just started watching an Ann Barnhardt talk (go to her site and scroll down a few items to “Another Video Presentation”). As she speaks, she displays on a screen these words from her talk:


And that’s just the start. I agree overall with her analysis of our situation, in which she says many things similar to me; but she goes much further. She is calling for people actively to resist the regime, refuse to obey its laws, go to prison, and martyr themselves as the only way to delegitimize and defeat it. I’m not there. But she is something else.

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Terry Morris writes:

My only real disagreement with Ann Barnhardt’s presentation (which I listened to at work a couple of days ago) is that she is too harsh, uncharitable, and unrealistic when it comes to people with families to protect and provide for. Perhaps, as a single, childless woman, she doesn’t understand the extent to which her moral demands on parents and spouses would require them to put their families in jeopardy. Otherwise I pretty much agree with her.

LA replies:

You are right about her lack of charity and understanding toward people in different situations from her own. But hey, everyone has his own particular gifts and corresponding limitations. You can’t expect a white hot flame to be a hot chocolate!

Kathlene M. writes:

I agree with Terry Morris’s and your assessment of Ann Barnhardt. She is a scorchingly white hot flame. I think she’s been attacked, hated, and ridiculed so much that she protects herself with her angry posture. Once I (along with apparently several hundred other readers) forwarded her a follow-up article on the criminal Jon Corzine. The next day she wrote a post calling everyone dumba$$e$ for having sent the article to her. After that I was too scared to send her anything. But I still read her blog occasionally. I saw part of her presentation awhile ago and have been watching it as I find time. I also appreciate her searing criticisms of modern-day Christianity (aka the “super fun rock band church”), and her explanations of various events.

December 9, 8:30 p.m.

Buck writes:

Ann Barnhardt acts, she doesn’t just talk. She’s not a coward. That sets her apart from us. She may be harsh and uncharitable, but she is not unrealistic. That’s a weasel word. She walks the walk, while others talk the talk. That she may not have a husband or children to sacrifice is a feeble crutch for a man to lean on. She’s offering her life. True believers act. Others talk. The chasm is huge, and only a few will leap across it. Our founders pledged their lives, families, and fortunes. We simply pledge to think harder, but not to loudly.

Mark Jaws writes:

I watched the entire Ann Barnhardt video you recommended labeled “Another Video Presentation” at her website. Since I have three children and three grandchildren living at home with me (my daughter’s husband is a Marine pilot who is currently deployed), I am in no position not to file my taxes and end up living in my car as she evidently is. However, six years ago my wife and I gave up the cable TV feed and have had no regrets. That is the least all of us can do. That way we do not subsidize any professional sports.

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