Enemies within?

Mark Jaws writes:

Something to think about.

Togo West, Secretary of the Army under Bill Clinton, just issued a report on the Fort Hood Massacre which did not even mention Major Hasan by name, or Islam, or jihad. Togo West is black.

Erroll Southers, President Obama’s nominee to lead the Transportation Security Administration, withdrew his name last week from consideration after Glenn Beck and others reported that Southers believed that white supremacists—and not Muslim jihadists—were our nation’s greatest domestic terrorist threat. Erroll Southers is black.

Eric Holder had the Nigerian underwear bomber given Miranda rights within one hour of arrest. The FBI interrogated the bomber for less than one hour. I have read thousands of interrogation reports. Detainees are routinely interrogated multiple times. Eric Holder is black.

Barack Obama was a member of a Farrakhan-type church. Reverend Wright is pro-Muslim. In fact, I heard his “guest sermon” yesterday on 96.3 and while he repeatedly talked about the Transatlantic Slave Trade, I never heard him mention the Arabic Slave Trade, which by the way was ended by Europeans. President Obama and Reverend Wright are black. Remember Obama’s bow to the Saudi potentates?

Anyone here see a possible pattern? Islam is “cool” and rapidly growing among American blacks, with Farrakhan and Malcolm X winning high approval ratings. This bears considerable watching my friends.

LA replies:

I have noticed from time to time that those who are alienated from their father (because of some perceived inadequacy or betrayal on the father’s part, such as infidelity or divorce) typically look for some foreign leader or foreign culture with which to identify as a replacement father figure for the missing, inadequate, or despised father figure in their own life. A good example of this I’ve discussed is the America-hating Oliver Stone finally finding a father figure in Fidel Castro. Readers can probably come up their own examples.

Now let’s look at it this way. The syndrome I’ve described can occur, not just with an individual, but with an entire group, Blacks as a group are deeply alienated from America. America—or white America—is their “father” who has betrayed them, let them down, or is simply too uncool to identify with. They need to find a substitute affiliation, both to meet their need for a “father,” and to use as a foil against the failed father figure they despise and want to bring down. Islam is the perfect candidate.

Alan Roebuck writes:

Another advantage of Islam for the angry outsider is that it allows him to be a cruel, violent SOB and still be counted righteous before god.

N. writes:

In the entry, Alan Roebuck writes:

“Another advantage of Islam for the angry outsider is that it allows him to be a cruel, violent SOB and still be counted righteous before god.”

While Roebuck is to be commended for the observation, it is not quite correct. I would restate it like this:

“Another advantage of Islam for the angry outsider is that it allows him to be a cruel, violent SOB and be counted especially righteous before his god.”

Let none of us forget that the only sure way to Paradise in the Koran is to die in battle against non-Moslems. Praying, fasting, paying the zakat, making the pilgrimage to Mecca, etc. may make a person sufficiently righteous to achieve Paradise, but only death in jihad guarantees it.

Islam therefore rewards the violent SOB, provided he directs his violence against “unbelievers,” whether within or without the Moslem community. This is a crucial fact underlying the ultimate necessity of separationism.

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