What cheers Scott McConnell?

(Note: I have modified this post as the original wording could have been seen as saying that McConnell is anti-Semitic tout court, and it was not my intention to say that. My indictment of him now is narrower and more precise, and therefore also more damning.)

From the table of contents of the latest issue of The American Conservative, of which he is the editor and publisher:

Bloggers vs. the Lobby
By Scott McConnell
Charging foreign-policy dissenters with anti-Semitism no longer shuts down debate.

That is indeed a development in which McConnell has a large vested interest. As evidence that he has such an interest, consider his long cover article in the July 3, 2006 American Conservative in which he blames literally all the Palestiniansí problems on the Israelisí motiveless malignity, or, at best, on their motiveless and irrational stubbornness. It stands to reason then that McConnell doesnít just want the charge of anti-Semitism to stop being used in an unfair and untruthful way against Israelís enemies; he wants the charge of anti-Semitism against Israelís enemies to disappear. Just as Muslims devoutly long for the day when all effective resistance to Islam shall cease, McConnell devoutly longs for the day when all effective criticism of the would-be exterminators of Israel shall cease.

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