Trying to get information on McGee beheading

Seeking to learn more about the now eight-day-old murder and beheading of Patrick McGee, about which ONE actual newspaper story has been published, VFR reader Anthony Damato called The Mail from the U.S. and was connected to a woman at the news desk. She said names are not given out until a suspect is charged, and had no further information. She suggested calling the Manchester Police. So I found the number of the Greater Manchester Police and sent it to reader Philip M. in England and asked him if he could find out anything more.

Philip wrote back:

I will give the number a ring, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. The next time we hear about this will be when the news says that “a mentally ill man has been charged with murder.”

A little later Philip wrote again

All they would say is that he had been detained under the mental health act. I asked him whether he could be held indefinitely under this act without being charged. They said that this was not the case but that it would have to be established by the Crown Prosecution Service whether or not he was fit to stand trial. Other than that they wouldn’t answer any more questions and just kept telling me that any public info would be on the GMP website (i have looked, there is nothing there apart from what they told me).

From what I have heard, psychiatric hospitals in Britain are full of violent blacks that have been diagnosed as having ‘personality disorders’. It’s a useful dumping ground for people who do terrible things for no apparent acceptable reason.

I thanked Philip, and added:

What if it’s determined that he’s NOT fit to stand trial? Is his name never released? Is no information on the case EVER given to the public? And even if they can’t give his name, what about information on the murder itself—how it was done, what kind of weapon was used.

I also have now phoned the Daily Mail, trying to get to a higher level editor, but was unsuccessful. First I was connected with a woman at the news desk, who couldn’t help me. I asked to be connected with an editor. I spoke to an assistant to the managing editor who said, “Was this the case where an elderly gentleman got into a row about noise with a neighbor?” (See how they’ve assimilated the beheading into a routine argument about noise, just as I said last week?)

She told me that the Mail had one story and can’t do anything more until the police give more information. I said, given the sensational nature of the crime, why hasn’t the Mail looked into it on its own? She said there are terrible murders in Britain all the time. I said, “Have you ever heard of a beheading in Britain?” She just repeated that the Mail has had a story and couldn’t do more until there is more information. She could not connect me with the managing editor, but told me she would pass my concerns to the managing editor and she gave me his e-mail address.

I repeat: If it turns out that the killer is an insane person and not a Muslim, it remains the case that the surrealistic non-coverage of this story stems from the Islamization of Britain. In normal circumstances, there would be enormous media interest in such a case. The total non-coverage here stems from the desire of the police and media to avoid a subject that would make the public think about beheading and about what group it is that practices beheading, that threatens beheading against people who “insult” that group, and that is commanded by its god to behead its enemies.

* * *

Anthony Damato writes:

As a follow up, I called Tom Holmes, Chairman of the British National Front, again to clarify what he knew about the McGee murder/beheading. Indeed, he did not know at all, a full week after the fact, that this had occurred.

Anyway, aside from my surprise that they knew nothing about this event, I spoke with him in further detail about his thoughts on this crime, and I came away with a further understanding as to why this is not news in the UK.

It seems violent crime, often referred to as “knife crime” is a big problem there. Mostly black and “Asian” in nature, these crimes are, according to Holmes, “all over the UK.”

He told me that this crime is something, aside from the beheading aspect, not unusual for the UK. He said there is much violent crime there (knife attacks) and this is something which has become commonplace.

So there it is. The National Front, chartered to reverse the destruction of Britain, oblivious to violence such as this; the UK national media performing its role as national harmony maintainer staying the course of national demise by their silence; and the elected officials continuing the catastrophe of the UK by insisting on staying the multi-culti course despite all evidence for its erasure of the British people from history.

Mr. Holmes said to me that multiculturalism is all over England to such an extent, even in his city, formerly deep in English land, that he was surprised that it could have happened to the extent that it has. He never thought it could have spread as fast and wide as it did.

He said he would look into this to see if his contacts could find out additional information.

Morgan writes from England:

I just had a short messaging conversation with my brother. He is a practising psychiatrist and a specialist in these sorts of cases (he once spent time dealing with Sutcliffe—The Yorkshire Ripper—in Broadmoor). I asked his opinion on your post.

Here is his response:

At this point in time he will be under a “Section 2” of the Mental Health Act. A section 2 is a section to assess primarily, although there is a provision to “treat” if deemed appropriate, but under that clinical circumstance it would be converted to a Section 3.

My best guess is that the system will be genuinely trying to establish fitness for trial, but it is a moot point that even when (if) he is found fit to plead, whether the press will then go to town on the subject…. I think the paragraph copied after this from VFR explains very very well … the silence will be connected with trying to dull any potential sensitivities around which group is primarily responsible for this, most brutal, of behaviours, even if he’s just a mentally ill Christian Filipino.

“The total non-coverage here stems from the desire of the police and media to avoid a subject that would make the public think about beheading and about what group it is that practices beheading, that threatens beheading against people who ‘insult’ that group, and that is commanded by its god to behead its enemies.”


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