More stories on mayhem across America

Today the Drudge Report links several stories on race-indeterminate (that’s irony) mayhem in various cities in the eastern half of the U.S. that had not been posted at VFR. They are listed below.

CBS Miami has the video of the deadly shooting in which a motorist opened fire at police and the police killed him. The article includes an explanation of what is happening on the video.

CBS also has a story, “Poet Gunned Down In N. Miami.”

The Sun-News (which I assume is a Myrtle Beach paper) has a story repeating the story from WMBF I posted earlier chronicling the numerous violent crimes committed in Myrtle Beach over the weekend. But get this. The Sun-News’ version leaves out all the physical and racial descriptions of the perpetrators. Funny how the expurgated version is the one that ends up being posted at the Drudge Report.

WHM informs us that at a beach in Charlotte, New York, “Fights involving about 50 youths broke out around 7 o’clock Monday night. Police had to clear the area, sending people home.” There is a video of a chaotic mob. Though it is taken from a distance, it is clear that all the people are black. (By the way, I’ve never heard of Charlotte, NY. And “Charlotte” is pronounced with the stress on the second syllable.) reports: “LONG BEACH, N.Y.—A Long Island police department says it had to call for backup to quell a beach melee involving hundreds of people that spilled out onto the streets and a nearby bus depot.”

From WCNC in North Carolina, we learn that 70 people were arrested in Charlotte, N.C. after “several fights that broke out after the Speed Street celebration in Uptown.” The police department “called out its Civil Emergency Unit after reporting that many large groups of people were disobeying police, flashing gang signs, blocking traffic and fighting…. A manager at a convenience store on North Tryon Street tells NewsChannel 36 a huge crowd swarmed the store, broke a window, and began stealing things, before running away.” There was one fatality, named Antwan Terrell Smith. The page has a news video.

And finally, the AP reports, “Teen fights, especially among girls, force early closure of north Alabama water park.” Police “say the fights continued across the city, with reports of brawls at a gas station and at a McDonald’s.”

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