Shocking headline: Yale Killing Not a “Random Act,” Police Say

NEW HAVEN—The police in New Haven believe the apparent slaying of a Yale graduate student “doesn’t appear to be a random act,” a police spokesman said, suggesting that she had been singled out.

James P. writes:

Well, hallelujah, it wasn’t “random.” Like a lightning bolt from the sky, or a tree falling on your car, people just “randomly” kill you, and it’s pointless to try and ascertain their motivation. But this wasn’t like that, which must mean that somehow they’ve decided not to suspect one of the numerous black or Hispanic residents of New Haven.

LA replies:

Not a random act? What? How can a murder not be a random act? Aren’t all the rapes, kidnappings, tortures, disfigurements, and murders we hear about today automatically designated as “random acts”? Wasn’t even the Knoxville Atrocity described by police as a mere “carjacking gone wrong”? Meaning that the kidnapping, torture, rape, and murder of Christian Channon and Christopher Newsom was a random, unintentional event?

But of course not ALL murders, rapes, etc. are random events or random acts. Only murders committed by non-acquaintances are random acts, meaning in this case, as you pointed out, blacks and Hispanics. The implication of “non-random” here seems to be that the killer was a university person who knew Annie Le. It remains the case that if a black or Hispanic stranger kills or rapes a white person, that is a random act.

But no, I’m wrong, what the police mean by “non-random” here is that Annie Le appears to have been “singled out.” But of course every time a predator chooses to attack, rape, or kill a person, he is “singling out” that person. So whether the murderer was acquainted with the victim beforehand, or only saw her a few minutes before attacking her, he singled her out. And since “singling out” is the opposite of “random,” how in God’s name can there be any such thing as a random murder? (Unless the perpetrator literally had no actual intention to kill that particular person, and how often does that happen, outside of vehicular homicides?)

Arrgghhh, I can’t stand the verbal and conceptual mush we have to deal with in liberal society, where all people in official positions plus the entire media are conditioned not to speak truthfully, especially on matters related to race. Correction: it’s not (or not just) that they’re conditioned not to speak truthfully, it’s that they’re conditioned to use language that makes truthful thinking and truthful speaking impossible.

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