Voices of sanity versus the Obamites and the Bushcons (note: I just referred to Dennis Kucinich as a voice of sanity)

Randy writes:

This morning I heard on Fox News the best analysis of Libya from their consultant who is a retired Air Force general. He started by saying that we and Obama were hoodwinked by Hillary Clinton. He said we have no business contributing to Ghadafi’s downfall as we don’t know what we are going to get and have no clear objective. What really struck me is that he said Ghadafi was the ENEMY of Al Quaida and was against the radical Islamism of Iran. Ghadafi was relatively stable. So this explains everything. The left always sides with our avowed enemies.

Then Rep. Kucinich came on opposing Obama. He got the usual line of questions about us not allowing a blood bath at the hands of Ghadafi. Kucinich concluded, after much pressure from the interviewer, that what it comes down to is we can’t get involved every time there is bloodshed in a third world country. Both Kucinich and the general said the same thing. We have no national interest in Libya.

Now, contrast this with the Republicans’ position, led by Speaker Boehner, that Obama took too long to take action and that we have a “moral” obligation to stop the “blood bath.” As I write, Karl Rove just came on and is supporting the decision using the usual neocon “democracy for all” and “light of liberty” talking points. These so called conservatives are pathetic fools.

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