Vanishing American wins the Nancy Hopkins Award

(Update: As of Sunday night, Feb. 17, VA has eliminated the below linked entries at her site, as well as eliminating her original entry that started this business)

Here is the way the blogger Vanishing American characterizes my measured and impersonal response to the personal attack on me by her and her commenters:

It looks like my traffic has doubled; thanks to my being the object of today’s Two-minute Hate.

One wonders how Vanishing American could expect to engage in any political and intellectual debate at all, if she thinks that what was said at this blog in response to the recent situation amounts to “hate.” Here is an example of the “hate.” I wrote:

I just want to add one thing. There were comparisons being made: “I like X’s writings for their brevity, I don’t like other parties’s writings including Y’s and Z’s for their wordiness,” and I can see how Vanishing American felt that that wasn’t right and felt offended by that…. So, perhaps I did not handle it skillfully and I could have done some editing on Mr. McLaughlin’s comment to soften it a bit. But at the same time it seems to me that VA went overboard in her reaction against me in a way that it was not helpful.

Yep, that’s Hate all right.

If a self-described right-wing conservative traditionalist like VA could call such a discussion “hate,” it should be no surprise to us that the entire left-dominated Western World has now categorized any critical statement about an individual or group as “hate.”

As for the Nancy Hopkins Award, if you’ve forgotten who Nancy Hopkins is, here’s a reminder.

VA also defends her writing style from the criticism of a single VFR commenter who included VA among several bloggers who he said were too wordy for his taste.

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