37 hours after beheading, Canadian police release name of beheader

And he’s not a Muslim, at least by his name, he’s Chinese (though of course there are Chinese Muslims): Vince Weiguang Li, 40. But his name and age are the only facts about him in the Leader-Post article.

The victim is, or was, Tim McLean, Jr., 22, about whom there is much more information. His friends say he was a fun-loving guy who liked loud music and working out, and he boasted of having a rock-hard body. Tim McLean, the latest white victim of the mass nonwhite immigration that whites dare not question.

Oh, and by the way, has the investigation been “compromised” by the fact that the police hasve now given the name of the suspsect? If they were able to announce his name today, why not yesterday? Rememeber, he’s been in custody since around midnight Wednesday night. Can you imagine any U.S. police department holding onto such information for so long? The instinct of the Canadians is to temp down any politically inconvenient information.

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Spencer Warren writes:

If the first name is Vince, maybe he’s not an immigrant; maybe his forebears came to Canada a hundred years ago. We don’t know.

LA replies:

Many many Chinese immigrants have Anglo first names. I’d say it’s almost more common than not.

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