Fighting for our enemies

In Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Gaza, we helped make the world safe for sharia. But, says Diana West, in Libya we have gone further: we are making the world safe for jihad:

We are openly fighting on the side of Islamic jihadis: Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, off-brand jihadists, complete unknowns (and culturally inculcated Jew-haters).

See each of the linked items. The information is fragmentary, but it adds up to something. The rebels are, at least to a significant extent, jihadists. Kaddafi, by contrast, is in the mold of the Mideast strongman who has ruled by keeping down jihadism. Which doesn’t mean that he’s good. What it does mean is that the rebels, in whose behalf the U.S. is now waging an inconstitutional war, are very likely worse.

How long will this madness continue to rule the West, which tells us that our Allah-sworn enemy is just like us and wants the same things we want, so that we can’t see him for what he is? What change must occur in the minds of Western elites for them to see the simple, obvious, Koran-based, 1,400 year old truth about Islam? Very simply, what has to happen is that they have to stop believing in liberalism. As long as they believe in liberalism, they are required to believe that our enemy is just like us and wants the same things we want.

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Paul K. writes:

On today’s “Fresh Air” show on NPR, which focused on Libya, host Terry Gross said that a Western journalist asked one of the rebels why he was fighting Khadafi. “Because he’s a Jew,” the freedom-fighter answered.

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