The Obama agenda receives its historical moniker

N. writes:

I do not wish to be vulgar, but these are vulgar times. With his usual class, sophistication, and nuance, Vice President Biden said to Obama at the signing ceremony for Obama’s latest legislation, “This is a big f*****g deal.”

Thus has America progressed.

First, the Square Deal from T. Roosevelt.

Then, the New Deal from F.D. Roosevelt.

Now, the Big F****** Deal from B.H. Obama.

Anyone besides me see a pattern here?

LA replies:

One of the ironies here is that “big f*****g deal” would normally be said ironically and dismissively, as in “Oh, big f*****g deal.” So not only did Biden, the world’s champion of foot-in-mouth, trash the historic moment by speaking a vulgar word to the president at a solemn presidential signing ceremony (of course, he didn’t expect the microphone to pick it up, but he did say it, and everyone knows today that mikes are likely to pick up anything that’s said); but he used a phrase that could just as easily be taken as undercutting the idea that this is a big deal. Let us hope, and work to prove, that Biden’s unintended meaning was the real one, and that this transformation of America will not stand.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 24, 2010 04:00 PM | Send

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