A double victim of liberalism: soldier gravely injured by suicide bombing in Afghanistan returns home and is shot in spine at homecoming party

He served on the other side of the world in a mission to civilize a people who are incapable of civilization but whom our liberal and neoconservative leaders insist we can civilize, because, they say, all human beings are the same; and there he was wounded and suffered brain damage. Then he returned home to his own people whose limited capacity for civilization has been further degraded by liberalism which says that all human beings are the same; and there he was shot and paralyzed for life.

Blacks could do significantly better than they are doing now, but that would require social order, authority, and fathers. Liberalism—which says that all people are equally free and should have all their needs met while not being constrained by anything—has destroyed social order and authority and largely eliminated fatherhood in the black population, turning many blacks into feral beasts, a threat to all society, but particularly to their fellow blacks.

Blacks complain about what happens to them when “driving while black,” meaning that racist white police officers supposedly pull them over just because they’re black. But we never hear blacks complain about what happens to them when “partying while black”—with their fellow blacks.

The story is in today’s New York Daily News:

Soldier back from Afghanistan shot at homecoming party in California

Family says Christopher Sullivan was left paralyzed when gunshots shattered his spine

Suzanne Sullivan holds a photo of her son, Christopher Sullivan,
outside her home in San Bernardino, Calif., on Christmas Eve.

Christopher Sullivan survived a suicide bombing in Afghanistan, only to be shot at his homecoming party in southern California.

Family members said the returning soldier, 22, was left paralyzed after the shooting on Friday.

Sullivan’s friends threw a party to celebrate his return on leave to his hometown of San Bernardino.

But the party turned tragic when a fight broke out between Sullivan’s brother and one of people who showed up to the party. When Sullivan tried to break up the fight, the man pulled out a gun and fired into Sullivan’s back, shattering his spine, according to the San Bernardino Sun.

“My son didn’t deserve this this. He served his country,” the soldier’s mother Suzanne Sullivan told the San Bernardino Sun.

Sullivan cracked his collar bone and suffered brain damage after a suicide bombing last December in the Afghan city of Kandahar. The attack killed five of his fellow soldiers in the 101st Airborne Division, the San Bernardino Sun reports.

Sullivan earned a Purple Heart for his service.

“To come home to this, it’s so unfair,” Sullivan’s aunt Theresa Marquez told the San Bernardino Sun.

“He was so happy to be back,” his sister Crystal Watson said. “He kept saying, everything was going to be OK.”

Sullivan planned to go to college when he completed his Army enlistment in April.

The gunman fled the scene before police arrived. They have not identified the suspect.

Here’s more information from the AP:

Sullivan was wounded in a suicide bombing attack last year in Kandahar while serving with the 101st Infantry Division. He suffered a cracked collar bone and brain damage in the attack and has been recovering in Kentucky where he is stationed. He was awarded a Purple Heart.

Sullivan was home on leave when the shooting occurred.

“To come home to this, it’s so unfair,” his aunt Theresa Marquez told the newspaper.

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