Bloomberg’s guilt

Even when Michael R. Bloomberg finally does the right thing, he remains contemptible. The NYT reports:

The mayor, at his news conference, read a statement he had issued around 6 a.m. explaining the reasoning behind the sweep. “The law that created Zuccotti Park required that it be open for the public to enjoy for passive recreation 24 hours a day,” the mayor said in the statement. “Ever since the occupation began, that law has not been complied with” because the protesters had taken over the park, “making it unavailable to anyone else.”

So, according to the mayor himself, the protesters were in violation of the law from the very start. This S.O.B. blandly informs us that he’s not been enforcing the law for the last two months. The encampment should and could have been cleared out in September. Nothing that has happened over the last two months was necessary: the annoyance and offense and disruption of daily life for neighborhood residents; the damage to local businesses; the expense to the city; the spread of the Occupy movement to many other cities and countries and the damage it has done everywhere—all this happened because Bloombrain got too much psychic mileage out of his pious claim to be protecting the freedom of speech.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 15, 2011 02:51 PM | Send

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