Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Entries on the Somalian-Dutch activist who, as I have showed since early 2006, is not on the side of the historic West against Islam, but wants the West to serve as an open field in which Muslims can liberate and fulfill themselves.

Hirsi Ali, the conservatives’ hero, wants to ban Belgian party as Nazi-like

What happened in Brussels: Our present, our future [arrest of Vlaams Belang leaders shows what Ali wants.]

Hirsi Ali, the conservatives’ hero, lets it all hang out [Ali equates Catholicism with Nazism]

Hirsi Ali is not just anti-Muslim, she’s anti-Christian [Quoting Paul Belien’s article on her.]

Hirsi Ali’s anti-Christian agenda

Why does Robert Spencer, a Christian conservative, support Hirsi Ali?

Secularists who oppose religion instead of Islam [Response to the secular anti-Islamist manifesto signed by Ali and Ibn Warraq.]

Replying to charge that I am anti-woman, uncivilized, unworthy of consideration, and (the most unkindest cut of all) humorless [Mary Jackson at New English Review said that my criticisms of Ali were motivated by a bias against women.]

Draft manifesto: Together facing the new Islamic jihad [My alternative manifesto]

Now we finally know for sure where Ali is really at [Ali only opposes the promotion of sharia if it’s promoted by violence and intimidation]

What Hirsi Ali wants [She doesn’t believe in the West, but in using the West to spread “the open society,” a world-wide open field of radically liberated individuals.]

Where is Hirsi Ali? [Kidist Paulos Asrat writes that Ali’s “ambitious goals to reform Islam, or to reconcile Islam with Western values and philosophies, has been curtailed, if not abandoned.” VFR’s articles on Ali are listed in this entry.]

Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments [About Ali’s adulterous affair with Niall Ferguson, and how the two of them philosophically are peas in a pod, libertarians who believe in borderless world of individual choice, and who in real life are acting their beliefs.]

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