Cleaning up after the raceless riots

Karl D. writes:

I don’t know if you heard but there are volunteer riot cleanup crews in the UK showing up with brooms and rubber gloves. And of course they are majority white. I think this is almost as symbolic as the photo of the man being force stripped. Whites coming together to clean up the mess. After all, it’s their duty! Notice there is one black girl watching them work and another just walking by.

Stuff White People Like

LA to Karl D.:

I’m plotzing. :-)

Karl replies:

LOL. Laughing through tears. Incidentally, this “cleanup crew” was formed through social media like Twitter. Blacks plan flash mobs and riots through the web, and whites plan the cleanup. Oy.

LA replies:

Also, in line with the statements of Cameron and other British pols, the main effort by the white British community is to fix up the damage caused by the riots—not to STOP the riots and PREVENT the damage in the first place. To use force to STOP the riots is Stuff White People Don’t Like. To clean up after the riots is Stuff White People Like.

LA to Karl:

Do you have a link on this?

Karl replies:

No. I found the photo on a German site. Wait, there is some mention of it here.

The article has a photo of Boris Johnson talking to the cleanup crew minions.

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