Part two of the Obama Trifecta rears its head

Tom P. writes:

It’s back.

Obama looking to give new life to immigration reform

In an effort to advance a bill through Congress before midterm elections, the president meets with two senators who have spent months trying to craft legislation.

Is he really going to try to push this before the mid term elections?

LA replies:

He and the Democratic leadership have to try, or at least go through motions of trying, in order to keep their base. But how are they actually going to pass comprehensive immigration reform? Via budget reconciliation?

Tom P. replies:

Remember, he now has 59 Democratic senators in his corner. Last time around in 2007 with Bush the Democrats and Republicans were split 50 senators each.

Now they have a huge majority.

This could very well pass.

LA replies:

IN the midst of 10 percent unemployment? I think it will have a harder time than in ‘06 and ‘07.

However, in ‘06 with a Republican majority in Senate it did pass the Senate, but the House refused to consider it, and now we have a left-wing Democratic House. Hmm …

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 05, 2010 01:22 PM | Send

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