Sex and the City on a Hill: Obama ad tells young women that voting for Obama is like having sex for the first time.

But, hey, in liberal America, everything is normal, wholesome, all-American, and a fulfillment of America’s messianic mission, no matter how decadent, perverted, freakish, or evil it is, right?

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Obama Campaign to Girls:( Have Sex with) … Vote for O
An astonishingly tasteless ad marks campaign low
if one discounts having the President of the
United States call his opponent a foul name

Here is the ad.

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Gintas writes:

The voting booth is the Left’s Orgasmatron.

The thing in the ad is named Lena Dunham—is she related somehow to Stanley Ann Dunham?

Ron K. writes:

Gintas asked if Lena Dunham is related to Stanley Ann.

She is not. At least not through the Dunhams. Lena’s father is the WASP artist Carroll Dunham, whose family brought the name over from England in the 17th century. Her mother is Jewish.

The Obamas’ Dunhams descend from Richard Singletary, who also came to Massachusetts in the Puritan era. Richard’s dissolute (or mad) son Jonathan was essentially run out of Massachusetts Bay once, and maybe twice, and changed his name to Dunham for reasons still unknown. Sen. Scott Brown is Obama’s distant cousin through Richard’s saner son Nathaniel.

(Ironically, Wikipedia says Carroll Dunham makes “overtly sexualized pop art.” He should belong to Jonathan!)

People with significant Winthrop Fleet ancestry are likely to be related one way or another, but that doesn’t include Barack Obama, with less than one percent. I get to be one of the lucky ones, I’m his tenth cousin through neighbors of the Singletarys. So might Bill Ayres—Jonathan had lots of Ayres neighbors in Woodbridge, New Jersey, and Bill’s line has been traced to the adjacent county.

I’ve always thought the “birther” controversy entirely missed the point. The real scandal is that Obama is a 14th-generation American—yet cannot begin to identify with the rest of us!

By the way, Lena Dunham is noticeably tattooed. Are you surprised?

Jeanette V. writes:

And true to form this woman has a hideous tattoo on her upper arm.

LA writes:

Speaking about Lena Dunham and names and family, my maternal grandmother’s name was Lena and I am named after her. (The Jewish tradition is to name a child using the first letter of a deceased relative. My grandmother died the year before I was born.)

I learn from Wikipedia that Lena Dunham is the creator and star of a TV shows called Girls:

Dunham said Girls reflects a part of the population not portrayed in the 1998 HBO series Sex and the City…. The pilot intentionally references Sex and the City as producers wanted to make it clear that the driving force behind Girls is that the characters were inspired by the former HBO series and moved to New York to pursue their dreams. Dunham herself says she “revere[s] that show just as much as any girl of my generation.”

That last sentence makes an impression. It means that it’s not just crabby me noticing how media and public opinion celebrate Sex and the City (an observation I’ve often made). It’s a 26-year-old woman indicating that it is simply taken for granted that that show is revered by an entire generation.

Which makes one wonder—why should we bother writing about ever-new instances of the decadence and nihilism of our society? It’s all contained in that statement that Sex and the City is revered by an entire generation.

Several years ago I saw, back to back, four episodes of SATC on video. While I was watching, I was not having an offended or critical reaction; I was in a kind of mindless state of amazement, a bubble-gum stupor—the stupor produced by the light-weight cheerfulness of it all. But after it was over I felt toxified, and I thought about what the show meant, turning extreme promiscuity into a giggly, happy enterprise.

And this is a further example of Jim Kalb’s observation, “In America, everything is normal.” In liberal America, you can behave like an abandoned whore, yet still be an all-American girl—wholesome and cute. I’m surprised that some progressive American city hasn’t yet erected a statue of Carrie Bradshaw. Indeed, to express where America is really at now, New York City should tear down the statue of Liberty Enlightening the World and replace it with a 300-foot-high statue of Carrie Bradshaw entitled Sexual Freedom Enlightening the World.

Have you ever seen an establishment conservative criticize the fact that Sex and the City and its stars are celebrated as wonderful icons of our culture, and say what this means about our culture? No. Because the establishment conservatives are the allies of the liberals in portraying decadent leftist America as normal and traditional, even as “center-right.”

Paul K. writes:

You wrote, “New York City should tear down the statue of Liberty Enlightening the World and replace it with a 300-foot-high statue of Carrie Bradshaw entitled Sexual Freedom Enlightening the World.”

How about just adding implants to the statue, as on this recent Mad Magazine cover?


As far as Lena Dunham and her HBO show “Girls,” a few months ago she came under criticism for the fact that her show stars four white girls. Whoever heard of people having a circle of friends that doesn’t include a black person? She of course promised to make the show more diverse in its next season, and perhaps the cheesy Obama ad was additional atonement.

M. Jose writes:

In response to this post.

While I agree with you about the ad, something happened today that made me laugh at the hypocrisy of mainstream conservatism.

Sean Hannity on his radio show was criticizing this ad. About fifteen minutes later, after a commercial, his show came back on using the introduction to “You Shook Me All Night Long” as bumper music.

LA replies:

Exactly. This exemplifies the maddening blindness and lack of principle of mainstream conservatives. They go along with the decadent liberal culture that surrounds us, never questioning any aspect of it, then they suddenly attack one manifestation of that culture because it fits with their script of bad liberalism, never noticing that they themselves accept the liberalism which made that particular bad manifestation of liberalism possible.

I am ready to say that just as liberals will never turn away from liberalism, at least until liberal society is largely wrecked, the culturally-liberal conservatives will never turn away from liberal conservatism. at least until liberal society is largely wrecked.

Mark Jaws writes:

My maternal (Jewish) grandmother was also named Lena. My wife is a direct descendant of the last surviving Pilgrim, John Howland, who (if my memory is correct) is like the Abraham of WASP America by virtue of allegedly having two million descendants. Through that connection my wife happens to be a very distant cousin to Barack Obama.

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