Shocking news: Illinois appeals court says Emanuel is disqualified to run for mayor

And I thought the insiders, in this case the Obama gang, controlled everything in Chicago. Also, if the Obama gang cannot maintain total control over Chicago, can they maintain total control over … the Hawaii Department of Health?

The New York Times reports:

An Illinois appeals court panel has ruled that Rahm Emanuel, the former White House chief of staff, does not qualify to run for mayor of Chicago in next month’s election. The ruling, which was announced on Monday, comes as a significant and unexpected setback for Mr. Emanuel, who has been a front-runner both in polls and in fundraising in the race…

Excuse me, but isn’t the elimination of Emanuel’s candidacy (short of a reversal by the Illinois Supreme Court) something more than a mere setback? I remember when Times reporters were competent writers of English. Unless the Times knows that the fix is already in at the Supreme Court. In which case its competence in English usage is not impugned.

Here are a few comments which echo my point about the apparent crumbling of the insiders’ power:

Reply 11—Posted by: Photoonist, 1/24/2011 2:54:55 PM

How did the plans of the 0bama gang fail? How did they not get to the proper judges or know beforehand for certain how the ruling would fall? Or who has more power in Chicago and is challenging the 0bama gang in Chicago? This is probably a sign that after 0bama leaves the White House that he won’t go back there.

Reply 13—Posted by: songstress, 1/24/2011 2:55:53 PM

Can it be that Chicago, with its famed Chicagoland-style politics follows its election law better than Alaska?

Reply 23—Posted by: repgal, 1/24/2011 3:35:03 PM

Maybe the Chicago gang control doesn’t extend to Springfield?

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James N. writes:

I’m not so sure Rahm is such an insider anymore.

As “one of them Jews around Obama” he disrespected Michelle’s spiritual leader, the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright. It is far from clear that he had the good graces of either Michelle or Valerie Jarrett.

His sudden departure from the White House may have occurred because, having antagonized Wright, Michelle, and Valerie, he lost the mandate of Heaven.

This court case may be just the beginning. If he appeals, he may suddenly have IRS trouble, or an unfortunate accident.

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