Bloombrain surpasses himself, calls for nationwide strike by police

Mayor Michael R. Bloombrain said on Piers Morgan’s program on July 23 that all the police officers in America should go on strike until the entire country has adopted gun control:

“I don’t understand why the police officers across this country don’t stand up collectively and say, ‘We’re going to go on strike. We’re not going to protect you. Unless you, the public, through your legislature, do what’s required to keep us safe.’”

That’s the mayor of America’s largest city calling for a nationwide police strike which shall last—leaving the entire country at the mercy of criminals—until every state and local jurisdiction in the country adopts the legislation that the mayor demands. How shall we describe this man? As an anarchist revolutionary? As an Occupy Wall Street type? As a nut?

Let us also remember that immediately after the failed Times Square bombing in 2010, before the bomber, Faisal Shahzad, was arrested, Bloomberg said on TV that the culprit was “homegrown, maybe a mentally deranged person or someone with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something.” So Bloomberg’s first thought on hearing of the failed terrorist attack was that the would-be terrorist bomber was a tea party member. Isn’t that just like tea partiers and other conservative opponents of Obamacare, that they set off bombs in American cities seeking to kill thousands of people? And he never apologized for the statement. That’s because, even though the terrorist didn’t happen to be a conservative in this instance, Bloomberg undoubtedly felt that his statement that the terrorist could be a conservative captured the essential truth about conservatives.

What is it that repeatedly drives Bloomberg to such bigoted statements, to such mad extremes? Here’s my view. Bloomberg is a liberal Jewish atheist (rare for a U.S. politician, he has made his atheism explicit). Liberal Jewish atheists, even more than liberal atheists in general, fear and loathe belief in God, and particularly Christianity, and therefore they fear and loathe America because it is still a Christian-majority country, and they also fear and loathe conservatives who, in the minds of the liberal Jewish atheists, symbolize traditional America and Christianity. Whatever the surface issue of the moment may be, this hatred of Christianity, conservatives, and traditional America is bubbling inside them, and must be expressed in some form or other.

Like all general statements, this one has many exceptions. But that doesn’ t mean that the generalization is not true.

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July 27

Paul K. writes:

The Bloomberg pronouncement is idiotic any way you look at it. A gun control activist should recognize that if there were a serious threat of a nationwide police strike, citizens would immediately descend on gun stores and pick their shelves clean of weapons and ammunition. Firearms companies would be working triple shifts to supply the demand. The NRA would have to hire moving vans to transport incoming contributions to the bank. It would be the greatest boon for gun ownership the nation has ever seen.

On Fox News the other night, the “All Stars” were discussing the fact that Democratic politicians aren’t calling for more gun control after the Batman massacre. Charles Krauthammer, who despite his flaws often says intelligent things, said that the Democrats have finally figured out that the so-called gun lobby represents the will of the majority of the American people.

Joseph E., who sent the Bloomberg item, writes:

The headline caught my eye in passing and I looked it up. As I said, I couldn’t quite believe that he said it, or that it hadn’t created an immediate uproar.

I mean the mayor of a great city encouraging public servants to strike, in support of partisan political measure bitterly opposed by a large part of the nation’s citizens?

Bloomberg does seem to be a buffoon, but this could be an ominous sign. The public sector is now huge just in absolute numbers; demagogues could use them as storm troopers to force through support of all kinds of measures that nothing to do with traditional union issues.

Calvin Coolidge is spinning in his grave.

JC in Houston writes:

What Bloomberg doesn’t understand (or maybe he does) is that the vast majority of rank and file cops oppose his brand of gun control and support the citizen’s right to use and possess firearms. It’s usually only the high ranking, politically appointed police bureaucrats that support it.

July 28

Karl D. writes:

JC is dead on. I happen to know a couple of retired NYPD officers and they wholeheartedly support the right to bear arms. Also, about a year ago I had a state trooper over because some creepy guy was walking around the property at night. I told the trooper that I was armed and God help the guy if he busted into my place in the dead of night. His response? “I wish more citizens were armed.”

LA replies:

But Bloomberg expects all the police officers in the U.S., in every local and state jurisdiction in the U.S., to go on strike on behalf of an extremely controversial measure which is not only extremely unpopular with the people at large but which the police themselves don’t support. He’s so alienated from America that he lives in his own fantasy America.

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