Thanks from a reader

In reply to my thank you note for his donation to VFR, Dana wrote:

Thanks for all the effort. You are the Philosopher par excellence. You boil the issue down to its quintessence: “Modern People as Eloi,” the Anti-Discrimination Principle as the root of all liberal evil ! I do not think it is possible for me, personally to think as hard and as seriously as you do about these issues. I suppose if I thought as hard as you do about all these issues I would start crying and despite the name, I am a guy. I have to laugh at the absurdity of the popular views on cultural issues so it is hard for me to entertain a solution. I thank you for the work you do.

I do admit I read Steve Sailer for the stats he puts up. He is a supplier of rhetorical ammunition because it seems that nowadays all you can really say in mixed company is numbers. No opinions allowed from our side of the fence.

Generally I would say the message we get from the main media is the doubt disease: “If you like Western civilization doubt yourself and any reasons you have for liking western civ.”

You are the antidote to that media induced disease of doubt.

Thanks again

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