Why this election is very bad news, no matter who wins

The fact that such a failed, irresponsible, unworthy, lying, leftist, anti-American president is in such a tight race against such a plausible and competent opponent, instead of facing the certainty of a Carter-type repudiation by the electorate, is a very sobering indicator of the state of our country. It confirms the view, held by some on the right, that America has already been transformed into a different country, a country in which blacks, Hispanic and other nonwhite immigrants, single women, and alienated white leftists—constituencies that hardly existed or were largely insignificant fifty years ago—now exercise virtual control over our politics and assure the county’s ever more leftward course. Therefore, even if the Republicans manage to pull out a victory this time, and in office slow down the country’s leftist march somewhat, and in particular stop the imminent catastrophe of Obamacare, all of which I very much hope happens, America in the long run is still lost. Our future is to be a country ruled by a coalition of nonwhite parasites and white leftist scum.

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And will the neoconservatives, mainstream conservatives, and Republican politicians, who cheered and supported the mass Hispanic immigration that made the key difference in assuring America’s future as a leftist country, and called critics of this suicidal policy racists, ever admit their responsibility for what has happened?

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Joseph H. writes:

As per your latest entry, “Why this election is very bad news,” I am very much inclined to agree. I am a veteran, and I went to the VA today in order to resolve some Kafkaesque, petty bureaucratic snafu related to my ability to check prescriptions online. The woman processing my claim was black, and during the course of our short conversation, she let slip that she is 100 percent service-connected disabled. She appeared to be able-bodied to me, and though I maintained a friendly demeanor throughout our conversation, I felt disgust welling inside of me. I know white guys who lost limbs or suffered traumatic brain injuries who would feel ashamed at taking a 100 percent rating.

I have not seen statistics on disabled veterans broken down by ethnicity, but if I had to hazard a guess, I imagine the numbers would be very similar to MOS (Military Occupational Skill) breakdowns, with all of the most demanding and dangerous jobs taken predominately by white males, and all of the rear-echelon duties (quartermaster, supply, etc.) staffed by black and Hispanic females. It was almost standard operating procedure for black and Hispanic female “soldiers” to deliberately get pregnant a month before deployment, in order to escape rotation.

I am heading to a political rally tonight, where Mitt Romney, Condoleezza Rice [LA replies: Thumbs down!], John McCain [LA replies: Thumbs down!], and Marco Rubio will all be speaking. Living in Cincinnati, I am at ground zero in a hotly contested battle state. Ohio proved to be critical for Bush. Hopefully we clinch it for Romney this time.

Terry Morris writes:

Will “conservatives” ever admit to their complicity in turning America into a Third-World carcass of a once great nation, you ask?

No. They don’t have the moral or intellectual fortitude it takes to begin to entertain such notions. They are like children, plugging their ears and yelling “La, la, la, la, la” when someone as much as entertains the mere possibility that any of this might be a bad idea, and detrimental to the country.

November 3

Max P. writes:

Your post, “Why this election is very bad news, no matter who wins,” really struck a chord with me and expressed my feelings more clearly than I could have on my own.

Paul Nachman writes:

Neal Boortz is a conservative/liberatrian talk-show host based in Atlanta. He’d probably be considered second-tier compared to Limbaugh, Hannity, and Levin. He’s retiring from the fray at the end of the year.

Anyway, on his Friday broadcast, I heard a caller ask him for his unvarnished view of the election outcome, if Obama wins. Boortz, after making some preliminary remarks about laying it on the line because he’d been asked, said that, for him, “It means that America is over. It’s just a fish flopping around in the bottom of the boat before it expires.” (Approximate quote, from memory.)

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