Democratic job creation

Clark Coleman writes:

Subject: Job creation in Detroit!

Just joking. Not real job creation, but it is a great example of union sinecures. Detroit still has a horse-shoer on the payroll, with no horses in the department.

LA replies:

What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that what America’s about—providing jobs and a middle-class life for its people?

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Terry Morris writes:

Well, the Constitution does say, “to provide for the general welfare.”

LA replies:

Right-O. So what are people so upset about? I mean, are they serious? Are they serious?

August 22

Terry Morris writes:

“I mean, are they serious, are they serious?”

Ha, ha. In a wretched attempt to defend Justice Roberts’s decision in the health care case, a man said to me that the Constitution grants Congress revenue raising authority to “provide for the general welfare of the people.” When I replied, “No, the actual words are ‘to provide for … the general welfare of the United States.’ Big difference.” He looked at me as if I’d lost my mind.

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