Dobson nixes Thompson!

It is, of course, not a surprise that Dr. James Dobson will not support Rudolph Giuliani if he is the GOP nominee. But here’s a shocking surprise. Dobson will not support even Fred Thompson. As Dobson stated in an e-mail that Sean Hannity read on air, and Dobson then repeated the same statement to Hannity (I jotted this down as I watched it over the Web):

“I will not vote for a man who will not support the institution of marriage, who thinks each state should have its own definition of marriage, which would destroy it, and who supported McCain Feingold.”

In response to Hannity’s argument that Thompson would be better than Hillary, Dobson replied that he has followed his principles all his life, and “Now is not the time to bail out in the hope that somebody will be better than we think he’ll be.”

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Dan Sheehy writes:

I caught part of Michael Savage’s show today. Savage said Thompson’s “got my vote.”

Later, Savage strongly criticized what he called “so-called free trade.” He said it has been disastrous for America. He got that right. Savage then played a clip from today’s so-called debate, where Thompson said he supports free trade. Savage said he would still support Thompson.

I would like to point out that Thompson is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Since it was founded in 1921, the New York-based CFR has been working to eliminate national identities and borders and convert America into a socialist state and then make it a unit in a one-world socialist system.

As for Hillary, I would like to tell that “great American,” Sean Hannity, who is nothing but a useful idiot for the globalists, that his boss, Rupert Murdoch is one of Hillary’s financial backers. Murdoch also is a CFR member.

However, Hannity won’t have me on his show as a guest because I would tell his audience that George W. Bush and his administration are merging the U.S. with Mexico and Canada, and I would support my statement with government and CFR reports that I have in my possession and take to my speaking engagements.

I would also tell Hannity’s audience that Hannity—like Bill O’Reilly—is not for border and immigration law enforcement, despite what his listeners and viewers may believe about the “Fair and Balanced” host.

Fox News is part of the media cartel, just like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Time, Newsweek, et al.

I wrote about Savage and Hannity at the end of my expose, “Chertoff, Gutierrez, Rice: Plotting Bush’s North American Union,” published at VDARE.

Dan Sheehy
Author of “Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation”

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