Danish Hell’s Angels against feral Muslim youth

An e-mail to a correspondent:

Earlier in the summer you sent me a link to the Jackal Manifesto, issued by the Hell’s Angels in Denmark against Muslim youth violence in that country. I’ve just read it.

My response is: where’s the beef? Where’s the manifesto? The document starts with several paragraphs of throat clearing, qualifications, denunciations of “racism,” and a reference to “both genders” rather than “both sexes.” It sounds like the opposite of an anti-jihad manifesto, let alone one by a group of leather-clad bikers with chains. The document is so concerned with not wanting to be offensive to anyone that it even says that the term “jackal” is not intended as “a derision of the animal whose name is being used.” Wow, I’m glad they let us know that. I was concerned that they were prejudiced against wild dogs.

After all that introductory PC shuffling, the remainder of the document consists of a long, impressionistic description of the behavior of these young predatory Muslim males. It’s horrific, I agree. But (1) because the description is impressionistic, rather than factual, the reader can’t be sure if the reality is as bad as the horrible picture; and (2) the description goes on, and on, and on, and then it ends. And that’s it. So there’s no Jackal Manifesto. The document consists of a description of the “jackals,” without any program of action against the jackals. But that’s what a manifesto is: a call to action, a declaration of objectives and purposes, or at least a statement of guiding. principles. There’s nothing like that here.

I repeat that I am not dismissing the importance of this phenomenon of super-feral young Muslim males in Europe. Something needs to be done. But the “manifesto” doesn’t give the slightest idea of what is to be done, any more does than the typical anguished, handwringing column by Melanie Phillips or Peter Hitchens. Have the Hell’s Angels become Usual Suspects, too?

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September 5

El Ingles writes:

I think the action the Hells Angels propose to take against feral Muslim youths consists of shooting them repeatedly in the head at close range. they propose it implicitly through those very actions rather than explicitly in the form of a manifesto, doubtless assuming that the Danes can read between the lines.

I get the impression that the implicitly proposed solution is making quite a stir at present in Denmark.

LA replies:

If that’s the case, then I’m a clueless, insensible reader and I’m embarrassed. Can you point to me where such implications are between the lines in the manifesto? I saw nothing but description of these horrendous “jackals.”

El Ingles replies:

No, you’re not clueless, but it’s implicit in a certain way. There is a rapidly escalating gang war in Denmark between the HA and various immigrant gangs. It started as a turf war, which put the HA under a lot of pressure. Then they had the bright idea of creating what sounds like an affiliated militia, called AK81. AK81 recruits those who are not bikers, but are interested in helping it fight its gang war. I will give you three guesses why anyone not interested in being a biker would help them fight their gang war against Muslims, though I doubt you’ll need more than one. Apparently they are being swamped with new recruits.

There is more information here, though it is a year old. It is in this context that the HA released their Jackal Manifesto. I am confident that it will appear to be a different type of document in light of what I have said. It seems to have stirred up a great deal of debate, and its emphasis on not appearing racist is presumably an attempt to take that potential rebuttal from the hands of its opponents. such are the times we live in.

I should have said more in my first e-mail, but I assumed you would have heard of the rapidly worsening situation in Denmark. shootings, grenade attacks, police stopping and searching freely in certain parts of the city, people wandering around in bulletproof vests. There’s a lot going on. It’s hard to get concrete information, but the general picture is clear, as is the proposed solution to Muslim criminality among at least some Danes.

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