Sutherland agonistes

Howard Sutherland, commenting on a photo (see it here) of the happy parties to the Comprehensive National Suicide agreement all grinning ear to ear, writes:

This is a make-or-break issue for me, along with abortion. Go the wrong way on this, and you lose my respect for good. No political repentance can ever suffice.

I’m not sure what makes me maddest about that oh-so-carefully posed bipartisan-legislative-and-executive-branches-working-together-for-The-American-People propaganda photo. Here are three kinds of treason on display in just one picture. Is it: (i) the smug natives selling out their own people (Kennedy sitting like a fat sultan—cheerfully completing the national euthanasia he kicked off in 1965—and the stupid Republican senators fawning over fat Kennedy, who despises them); (ii) the grinning alien betraying the people who welcomed him into our country for no reason other than charity (Gutierrez); or (iii) the smirking semi-alien betraying his ostensible mission (Chertoff)? Off to Hell with them all, I say, and may it be soon.

It’s all in the hands of House Republicans now. Will they have the intestinal fortitude to buck a bucked-up Bush, as well as Insane McCain, stand fast themselves, draw enough Democrats who still have some residual sense of being Americans to their side, and stop this death-wish bill?

I think there could be real political mileage in resistance for heartland Republicans who stand firm, and maybe even more for populist white, even black, Democrats from places threatened by the invasion (that would be the whole country now, except maybe Alaska’s North Slope—and I’m not sure I would bet on that). I would like to think so, but that needs a critical mass of American voters who will reward patriotic congressmen. Based on what Americans accept as presidential candidates, though, there may not be much reason to think that.

I know it sounds extreme, but I think before this over the patriots will need to take real action.

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