and Third-World immigration

From the Must Reads at today:

Obama Senior celebrated
life fully but died miserable

Daily Nation (Nairobi, Kenya), by JOE KHAMISI
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Posted By:Scottyboy, 4/23/2011 10:48:21 PM

I personally knew Obama Sr during his days as a middle level economist in Kenyatta’s Government. Always smartly dressed, Barrack Sr. was the embodiment of success. He came from a poor family near Lake Victoria. Africa’s largest water mass, went to a tin-roofed school with no running water, but still managed to reach the pinnacle of intellectual life at Harvard University in the US, where he received his advanced degree. At the university of Miami at Minoa, he was the first African student to be enrolled there for undergraduate studies,

Importing third worlders is a mistake.

Did I read that right? That editorial comment is either by Lucianne Goldberg or one of her editors. To my knowledge, the editors of have never before said anything remotely approaching such a contrary opinion about Third World immigration.

In fact, there’s less here than meets the eye. Let us remember that the core of is partisanship. Lucianne (or Lucianne) is only speaking against Third-World immigrants because the Third-Worlder in question happened to be the father of a Democratic president.

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