Fifty Romanian beggars set up camp in London’s exclusive Park Lane—authorities helpless

A reader in England sends the article, along with a note paraphrasing the opening line of Bob Dylan’s “Simple Twist of Fate”: “They sat together in the park / As the evening sky got dark.”

He writes:


If the British government had the slightest amount of guts, it would immediately deport all Romanian beggars/gypsies no matter what the EU says.

But it doesn’t, so the farce continues.

Most (perhaps all) of the Romanians are not white but brownish gypsies, probably descended from India.

LA replies:

I would say, it’s not a lack of guts that prevents the Brits from deporting them, but that they WANT to be shat upon.

To paraphrase another song:

When the night has come
And the park is dark
And the moon is the only light we see
No, I won’t be afraid,
Oh, I won’t be afraid
Just as long as you shit, shit on me.
So Gypsies, Gypsies, shit on me,
Oh, shit on me
Oh, shit, shit on me, shit on me
Shit on me
Oh oh oh
Shit on me.

LA continues:

Remember: being a liberal means wanting to be shat upon.

Why do I say this? Because, as the British have made clear innumerable times, their supreme guiding principle is tolerance—being open to and accepting of everyone and everything that is alien to them. The more alien and intolerable something is, the more one must tolerate it, and the better a person one is for tolerating it. Being shat upon is the end and purpose of the British belief system.

LA writes:

To readers who consider my use of a common four letter word in this entry inappropriate and offensive, my reply is that in certain contexts vulgar language may be appropriate. Dante, for example, used the “s” word on occasion. See the entry, “Muhammad in Hell.”

- end of initial entry -

May 20

A reader writes:

I would not discount the possibility that the Romanians quietly enjoy the humiliation of what is left of Britain at the hand of the gypsies. The Romanian government and people are often looked down upon by the chattering classes around here and all over western Europe for their shocking (shocking!) mistreatment of the poor (oh so poor!) gypsies.

In reality the (real) Romanians are quite hard-working under difficult circumstances. The influx of EU cash has raised prices at home while wages, especially pensions, have stagnated. I know people first-hand who are MSc equivalent engineers who work night watchman shifts in western Europe because they could not get their degrees nostrified or support their families back home. Lots of young people live packed so that they can send some money to their parents. They obviously do not appreciate having their good name ruined by “Romanians” who are actually gypsies.

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