The immediate story: racial violence by raceless “kids” forces Cleveland to cancel summer fairs.
The larger story: endless accommodation to violent and dysfunctional blacks causes whites to cancel civilization.

Matthew H. writes:

Don’t know if you read the site Moonbattery. It has recently been showing greater freedom in featuring stories of the ongoing wave of white victimization by blacks.

LA replies:

About the cancellation of the Coventry Streets Arts Fairs in suburban Cleveland this coming summer (as reported at because of black violence at the fairs last summer (discussed at VFR then), Moonbattery writes:

As liberalism causes savagery to encroach on civilization, we find ourselves living in an ever smaller space, like campers huddling closer to a dwindling fire while hungry wolves close in…. So now no one gets a fair. Instead, law-abiding citizens can hunch behind locked doors and listen to their TV sets tell them how shamefully racist they are.

Moonbattery’s meditation on people huddling behind locked doors in an ever-narrowing world reminds me of a verse from Bob Dylan’s 1964 song “Chimes of Freedom”:

In the city’s melted furnace
Unexpectedly we watched
With face hidden
As the walls were tightening.

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