Black man pushes Asian man onto NYC subway tracks, killing him

The headline in the New York Post says:

Video shows subway victim arguing with man who allegedly shoved him onto tracks

The article says:

A man was killed after witnesses reported he was pushed onto subway tracks and struck by a train in Midtown today, sources said. And police have released video of the victim that appears to show him arguing with the shoving suspect moments before the horrific tragedy.

In fact, the tape does not show the victim, Ki Suk Han, arguing. It shows the assailant aggressively talking to the victim in an intimidating and threatening manner, and the victim just standing there. You really have to be a sick person to characterize this as the victim “arguing” with the man who killed him. Once upon a time the Post would have exposed the falsity of the New York Times saying that Jews and blacks were “clashing” in Crown Heights when in fact blacks were engaged in an anti-Jewish pogrom. But whatever minimal integrity the Post once had is gone. Adding insult to injury, the Post calls this savage murder a “horrific tragedy.”

Also, a photographer shot pictures of the victim trying to climb out of the track in the path of the oncoming train. The photographer says that he is not strong and there was nothing he could do. This seems false. The man already had his elbows on the platform and was trying to pull himself up. All he needed was an assist. However, in today’s Post, the photographer explains in detail that he saw a person fly through the air onto the tracks and he began running toward the oncoming train, snapping photos as he ran, hoping the train driver would see him running and stop the train and that he did not clearly see what he was photographing, i.e., the man trying to pull himself onto the platform. And in any case the train hit the victim before the photographer reached him.



Bruce B. writes:

Kind of makes you wonder why Asians would vote for BRA, doesn’t it?

LA replies:

The shared animus against whites unites the nonwhites.

For example, has anyone ever written a full article, as distinct from a comment, showing the dislike that Chinese have for whites? The animus is frequently open and plain, but I’m not aware of this ever being written about at length, even in the race-conscious blogosphere.

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James P. writes:

I am amused by the claim of Naeem Davis in the Daily Mail that Ki Suk Han attacked him first. Yeah, Asian men often attack black men who are twice their size and half their age! Also you have to like the way Davis is dressed in his “I am just a harmless teddy bear not a crazy homeless freak” sweater for the court appearance.

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