More bizarre names of celebrity children

Do you know what the names of the three daughters of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are?

Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah.

Can you imagine a man holding Rumer in his arms and whispering, “I love you, Rumer”? Can you imagine Scout’s future husband saying, “Oh, darling Scout, I adore you”?

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Anita K. from Toronto writes:

I have to agree with you that the name Rumer is a little odd, but let us not forget the writer Rumer Godden, who produced wonderful novels in her day—I believe 1936 to 1997 (first to last books)—several of which were turned into motion pictures. And her sister was named Jon!

Also a writer.

LA replies:

Interesting. I had never heard of her.

However, I don’t care if there was a good novelist named Rumer. I wouldn’t even care if she was a great novelist. It’s still a ridiculous name. And the fact that Rumer’s parents not only named her “Rumer,” but named her sister “Jon,” proves that the name Rumer was coming from parents who were as ridiculous and narcissistic as today’s parents. They were just ahead of their time.

Ron K. writes:

For the record, Rumer Godden hated that name and said she couldn’t imagine how anyone could give it to a child. But it was her middle name, after her grandmother Margaret Rumer. So why did she use it instead of Margaret? Well, it sticks with you, doesn’t it? After all, you hate it, but you are writing about it! No doubt it helped get her work noticed.

(Juan Trippe, who had no Latin blood, also hated his name—but it did open doors for him when he founded Pan Am and flew to points south.)

And to be fair to the Goddens, they didn’t name their daughter “Jon.” They named her “Winsome.” Silly, yes, but at least it’s feminine. “Jon” was a pen name— like George Eliot, George Sand and Isak Dinesen.

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