The conservatives’ weird take on Obama

Like a stadium full of vuvuzela players, the conservative commentariat keep filling our ears with the senseless and sense-obliterating message that the main problem with the first radical leftist president in American history is not that he is a radical leftist who is out to harm and weaken America (the principal goal of the international left at least since the 1960s), but that he is “inexperienced,” “incompetent,” “indecisive,” “detached,” or (in Mark Steyn’s latest exercise) “unengaged.” How can they indict him as a leftist revolutionary and complain about the fact that he is not up to—or not interested in—the job? What possesses these conservatives that they are unwilling or unable to acknowledge that an enemy is an enemy? Don’t they see that if Obama is “unengaged” in, say, the Gulf oil spill disaster, it’s for exactly the same reason that he was hyper-engaged in ramming through the health care bill? Namely that he wants America to be crippled, he wants America to be rendered unable to sustain itself as a free and independent country, so that the left and the nonwhites and the Muslims can take it over. Some of the conservatives do seem to see this disturbing truth, but then they veer away from it, obsessing on Obama’s inexperience and detachment. Yes, he’s detached. He’s detached from America in the same sense that if your worst enemy saw you drowning in a lake, instead of saving you he would be detached about it and go play golf.

UPDATE: Here’s a typical example of the conservatives’ pathetically clueless view of Obama:


Of course he makes empty and hollow statements—when he’s supposedly doing his job of preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution of the United States. But when he’s doing what he sees as his job, of undermining the United States, then he is not hollow and empty at all. Then he is focused and intense. What most conservatives tragically fail to grasp is that his hollow quality in some areas and his focused quality in other areas are part and parcel of the same, radical leftist agenda.

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Paul K. writes:

I always feel a disconnect between the way most conservative pundits and politicians view the national situation and the way I do. They act like it’s a sports match in which the opposing team is making a lot of unforced errors and disastrous substitutions that are making it easy for our team to score points, so hey!—looks like we may win.

I see it as a horrendous war in which I’m watching my country bombed into ruination, and I know I that even if our side wins we will suffer the effects for generations.

Eric G. writes:

In the last few years I have come to see the left’s agenda pretty clearly. It’s real simple. Anything perceived as being normal, white and middle class must be destroyed. Mass brown immigration, economy wrecking social justice programs, pro-Muslim pandering, government sanctioned discrimination against whites, gay supremacy and so forth are all pieces to the left’s utlimate endgame. They want white America destroyed as quickly as possible and they have found the way. Legal and illegal immigration is almost entirely non-white just as the left wants it, but it has gotten a little too greedy. With the endless celebration of whitey’s coming dispossession, see all the articles smugly predicting the date when whites will be a minority, many whites have awakened to see just what is happening and are ready to revolt. I certainly am. No one ever asked the people of America if they wanted their country completely changed, racially, socially and politically within a couple generations.

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