“Flash mobs”: the spread of organized black on white violence in America

A. Zarkov writes:

Richard Spencer tells us that organized black mobs are attacking whites with increasing frequency outside the black ghettos. Moreover the attacks are launched and coordinated by using mobile technology such as cell phone instant messaging. Many whites think their affluent suburban areas buy them safety from blacks. Guess again. Section 8 housing grants along with flash mobs is bringing about change.

Will whites fight back? What happens when marauding blacks get killed by armed whites? Sooner or later we will get another Bernard Goetz incident with all the publicity. If white people find out that their government intends to take the side of black criminals against them, we will have reached a fork in the road. Whites will either continue in their generally cowardly response to black crime, or turn against it, and engage in aggressive self defense leading to “interesting” times in America.

Also, you can track crime in your neighborhood with CrimeReports.com. This free service provides a local map indicating when and where a crime happened. Now you can see that an armed robbery happened right down the street. The mobile phone version allows you to check out the neighborhood you happen to be at any time.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 17, 2010 01:38 PM | Send

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