The wages of diversity: full body scans, FOREVER

Apparently there were no security devices in place to detect the kind of explosive that Abdul Mutallab brought on board the Northwest flight, sewn into his underpants.

[Richard] Clarke said full body scans were needed, “but they’re expensive and they’re intrusive. They invade people’s privacy.”

It may be intrusive, humiliating, violative of our privacy, and damned expensive, but if it’s the only way to prevent terrorist explosions on airliners, then that’s where it’s heading. A full body scan every time you fly anywhere in the Western world, with ticket prices (or taxes) going up considerably to cover the cost of these expensive procedures.

And all because, all because …

… all because we have Muslims in the West. The facts are that a significant portion of Muslims are sharia supporters, and that a significant portion of sharia supporters are potential or active jihadists, and that it’s not possible for us to disentangle the “non-dangerous” Muslims from the dangerous ones, because they are all part of one Islamic community, bound by sacred ties and obligated to defend each other from the infidel. Therefore, as long as a significant number of Muslims remain in the West, and are free to travel in the West, the threat and reality of Islamic domestic terrorism will remain, and we will have to live under these onerous security regimes, undergoing a full body scan every time we take a flight, FOREVER.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We’re not trapped. We have a choice. Sixty years ago, there were no Muslims in the West. All we have to do, then, is … TURN BACK THE CLOCK.

Impossible, you say? It’s not impossible. We just stop letting Muslims into the West, and we tell the ones who are already here that they’re not welcome. And if they don’t leave voluntarily, through a combination of carrots and sticks, then we make them leave. Not because we hate them as individuals, but because, given that their religion commands them to subvert, subjugate, and kill us, the ONLY way that we can be safe and free is if they’re not here.

The liberals and “conservatives” will shriek that to exclude Muslims will make us racist and evil, it will make us “as immoral as the terrorists,” as the editor of a conservative magazine once said to me.

Not so. To quote Bob Dylan:

You will not die
It’s not poison.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 26, 2009 08:38 PM | Send

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