High school gang rape

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Jonathan S. writes:

I was wondering what your thoughts were on this horrible gang rape of a 15 year old girl (presumably white) at a prom in California. Apparently there was a crowd of bystanders who did nothing to help also. Links are here, here, and here.

LA replies:

I looked at the first link. We don’t know her race. Most of the perps seem to be Hispanic. The victim could have been Hispanic, but was probably white.

Leaving aside for the moment the question of the race of the attackers and victim, here are my thoughts. Our society is becoming a jungle of humans predating humans, while the people being predated upon never speak of it or do anything about it. The jungle is spreading, and there’s no force or intelligence in the mainstream society that is opposing it or even mentioning its existence. To point to its existence and speak honestly about it, would require saying things—about race, about sex and race, about sexual liberation, about the human propensity to evil—that liberal society cannot bear hearing.

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David B. writes:

Here is a Vdare blog entry concerning the gang rape in Richmond California. The town is only 26 percent Hispanic, but the school is 78 percent Hispanic, two percent white.

The white people remaining in the town are mostly affluent enough to put their children in private schools.

Carl Simpson writes:

Over at VDARE (on the blog, I think), they had a demographic breakdown of the high school where the rape took place. As I recall, it was about 78 percent “hispanic,” 10 percent black, seven percent asian, and two percent white. The victim could have been white, but it seems more likely she was “Hispanic” (the ridiculous bogus racial classification created by Marxists in the Nixon administration—a race that can be of any race. Alberto Fujimori, former president of Peru, would be labeled “Hispanic” under this whacked-out schema, while Manuel de Falla, the Spanish composer, would not be.)

John Hagan writes:

Larry, Here’s a clip on the CA gang rape that’s enlightening to say the least.

Nik S. writes:

Regarding the recent crime in Richmond and the continuing war against white culture worldwide, here is a link to another related article on the subject. The article is, “Rape of women, girls a weapon of war in Congo.”

Terry Morris writes:

It would also require saying something about the cowardice (which itself is evil) exhibited by do-nothing bystanders such as Jonathan describes.

A. Zarkov writes:

According to the California Department of Education, Richmond high school student body is 78 percent Hispanic, 10 percent black, and two percent white. I remember Richmond as a mostly black city. The 2000 Census has Richmond as being 36 percent black, 27 percent Hispanic and about 20 percent white. Obviously Richmond is well on its way to becoming a Hispanic city. Even more ominously, the student body for the whole of California is 49 percent Hispanic and 28 percent white. If students are the future then California belongs to the Hispanics meaning it belongs to Mexico. Perhaps one day California will be only two percent white, then the liberals will be happy—the ones living outside of California that is.

Recently I have talked one-on-one with Republican candidates for Congress. I bring up immigration, future demographics and get a blank stare in return. Yes that ever present blank stare I get from liberals and even conservatives. It either means they think I’m crazy, or they have no answer, at least one that they have the courage to give. Republicans seem to have a time horizon of at most four months; anything past that is the murky future. To them “conservative” only means fiscally conservative. I’m afraid they can only think in terms of money—everything else doesn’t matter.

Mike writes:

I followed the links that Jonathan S. provided. The third one led to a rather interesting speech. Here’s the transcript. It’s not easy to follow but see my comment at the end. [LA adds: here is the article with video of Kami Baker speaking.]:

My name’s Kami Baker, I’m a junior here at this school.

And this is … (sister: Barbie Baker, I’m a freshman at Richmond.) She’s my sister, and I participate actively in APs, Honor classes, and I’m an active member of Ivy League Connections.

This story has disrupted the school’s morale greatly, including my own. I am friends with the girl. When I started here I felt extremely unsafe and so did she due to the lack of police officers and security officers.

My previous school’s De Anza, I went there for a year and a half, three semesters. There, there’s three police cars on campus, that’s six police officers daily, and there is seven security officers for only half of the students here. There’s 900 students to 1200 at De Anza, here there’s 1600. That is greatly unappreciated.

At the dance, there were four officers, none of them patrolling the area. I looked outside of the gym, and I saw 12 to 15 guys sitting there with no IDs. The officers, not only did they not check the IDs of those students or men sitting outside of our campus, but the security officers who are employed here did no job checking either. The assistant principal looked outside and actually saw those men and did nothing about it.

This story has blown beyond its proportion due to race and location. Here at this school, me and my sister are minorities. But in all reality, the minorities are what is around me. There is the little unneccessarities, like security, facilities, and support. At De Anza, there is a new facility being rebuilt, the gates block from people leaving or entering the campus, and there are more officers to protect than there are here.

There was a rape at De Anza’s last year’s Homecoming and there was a lockdown. I remember it quite vividly because the rally was cancelled, and there was no Homecoming dance. Here, there is a rape and the news is covering it, there is media everywhere because RHS has been ostracized by the District. No matter how many ways you look at it we are ostracized, because of our race and minorities. There are Mexicans and blacks around me everywhere, and at De Anza there are more Asians and (than?) whites.

And when you said Ivy League Connections earlier, you only included the Asian names. I am white (throws her hand up), and I am an Ivy League connection, and for you to disclude all the minorities at this school is wrong.
[end of Kami Baker speech]

Forget the girl’s name, her awful grammar, her messy hair, her overweightness, and her sweatshirt. What is she trying to say? At the end of the speech she emphatically states that she is white, but she seems to be saying it more as an expression of solidarity with her fellow blacks and Mexicans against the Asian oppressors at the other school. One of her friends is gang raped by Hispanics, and her rage is directed at the white/Asian school for having better security? She’s thinks that the media is racist for giving attention to the crime? She’s angry that the someone only listed Asian students’ names for the Ivy League Connections program?

Can you make any sense of this?

LA replies:

I had trouble understanding Kami Baker from reading the transcript (in fact when I saw the name Kami Baker m first thought was that it was a black male.). When I watched the video it made a lot more sense. I don’t agree with Mike’s interpretation. She was saying that compared to her previous high school, which had reglar police patrols and adequate security guards, there is no decent security at her school. She was saying that the night of the rape there were all kinds of young men at this dance who shouldn’t have been there, yet the security guards did nothing about them. She was saying that whites are a small minority at the school and that the authorities don’t care about them. Further, we can assume from the fact that she identifies the raped girl as her friend, and that she speaks of whites as a minority, that the victimized girl is white.

Marco Jawsario writes:

Someone is going to have to be willing to take arrows for our cause. Someone or some folks are simply going to have to shout to the mountain tops and say 30,000 white women being raped by black men is enough. An organization “Protect Our Women” is a necessity. An organization of gun-toting volunteers who will offer to patrol danger areas, educate the white public, and provide escort services is necessary. It would be nice if older and retired white gentlemen could do this, as they are less subject to PC and job repercussions. “Thirty thousand rapes a year is enough!” should be our battle cry.

Daniel B. writes:

We are in the midst of a tragic state of affairs. The incident of the poor fifteen year old girl in Richmond Ca. gives us a barometer reading of the pressure of society against certain individuals. It is, sadly, a low pressure reading; we are in for a storm. What is troubling about the whole affair is not the unacceptable levels of sexual deviance demonstrated by some considerable group of individuals within our society (every single rapist who engaged in that heinious act). No, what is troubling is the fact that there were individuals present who witnessed these henious acts and in the face of such a disgusting display of malicious sexual deviance decided to look and think, “well, she got what was coming to her, the drunk slut,” and there we let her lie, raped and abused. And on walked a few souls who knew we lived in a sad world where intoxicated fifteen year old girls got raped and “ol well better luck to her next time.” Mr. Burke put it well, except for the fact that there aren’t any good men left.

Albert Nock writes:

If we define the “jungle” as incidents of rape, then the jungle is shrinking: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2009-10-06-rape-decline_N.htm In a different article mentioning this record low, an explanation given is that women are more careful about being in unsafe situations than they used to be, which you seem to see as the major factor. If it is not rape generally but gang rape specifically, then I don’t know how those stats have changed. I imagine they have also gone down, since many kinds of crime and disorder seem to track each other.

October 30

Terry Morris writes:

I know things are bad in Mexifornia, but it’s still extremely difficult for me to wrap my brain around the fact that an apparently white father would, under any circumstances, send his 15 year old daughter to a school dance at which he was aware beforehand that 90% of attendants would be black and/or Hispanic. It seems to me that a heavy responsibility for this horrible crime perpetrated against their daughter lies on the shoulders of her … parent figures. But here again, I’m saying things that are just not allowed anymore.

James P. replies to Terry Morris:
I agree. I would say there is an aspect of Eloi blindness to it, though I tend to think of “Eloi” as politically correct liberals, and usually such people take care not to live in majority minority neighborhoods. Perhaps the problem is that the proles have adopted Eloi attitudes, but these attitudes are even more untenable for folk who have to live in the very heart of the Morlock jungle.

Randy writes:

Here is the beginning of CNN’s article:

She had come alone to the Richmond High School homecoming dance, gorgeous in a sparkling purple dress and faux diamond baubles. The DJ played salsa, meringue, RAP. When the teenager disappeared, her friends thought she had gone home early.

According to Wikipedia:

Meringue, also spelled “mereng” in Creole, is a music genre native to Haiti . It is related to twoubadou and is musically and historically connected to Dominican merengue. It is a guitar-based style, and is generally sung in Haitian Creole.

Everytime I hear Rap music I cringe and assume the worse about those listening to it. When this kind of music is allowed at a formal, school sponsored event, they are contributing to and asking for trouble. The girl has been surrounded by this culture and was apparently desensitized to the danger of being a single (white) girl in a dark area surrounded by black and Mexican males. Articles have said she was drinking or drunk but how could one become drunk at a school dance? It also is inconsistent with the statement she was a devout Christian.

Van Wijk writes:

That the bystanders did nothing shouldn’t really surprise anyone. It stands to reason that the “bystanders” were either Hispanic thugs themselves or simply didn’t have a problem with what was going on. It shouldn’t be assumed that those termed “bystanders” in newspapers are good and decent people. I’m sure a few were enjoying the show.

A single white man with a concealed weapon could probably have prevented the whole thing. As you said, we now live in a jungle, and our people need to meditate on exactly what will be required of them to survive in a jungle.

Michael S. writes:



How on earth could this girl possibly “be,” as she puts it, “an Ivy League Connection”?

LA replies:

I felt that for a contemporary 16 year old, given what our culture is, she expressed herself fairly well. And she looks a mess, with that hair. But there’s some IQ there.

Michael S. replies:

My wife is a high school English teacher. She would not share your opinion.

Michael T. writes:

Great work as usual, in discussing this horrific crime. Perhaps prescient, the “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” blog discussed the United Nations talking about declaring rape a tool of war last month, and used the stats from your Frontpage Magazine article.

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