We’re all pro-immigrationists now

In the comments section following the entry at Oz Conservative discussed below, one of Mark Richardson’s readers makes the standard, useless remark about immigration we hear so often from right-liberals:

Daltry may not be ceding as much as you think. I agree with him that there is nothing wrong with allowing immigration. It’s all in how and why. The problem isn’t immigration as much as it is the culture of entitlement granted to both legal and illegal immigrants. This culture is supported as much by the right as it is the left.

Another commenter, Simon from London, replies:

“I agree with him that there is nothing wrong with allowing immigration.”

I agree. I’d be fine with dozens, even hundreds of foreign immigrants arriving in England every year.

- end of initial entry -

LA writes:

Why is the first commenter’s remark useless? Because it assumes that we could have the same mass Third-World immigration that we’re having now, but if we worked hard at assimilating the immigrants, somehow it would all work out. The people who make this argument, who are legion, never consider the possibility that the immigrants we are now admitting are not assimilable. They share the liberal assumption that all people in the world are basically alike or can be easily engineered into being basically alike. >
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